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Top Homestay In Kota Belud For Your Exotic Vacation

By Hani - Apr 04, 2019 (Last Updated Dec 10, 2019)

Bored with the same ol' same ol' vacation by the beach or checking in and out of a hotel? How about if we bring you an exotic vacation with a breathtaking view by Mother Nature in Kota Belud, Sabah and stay in one of our top homestay here

Kota Belud is about 70 km from Kota Kinabalu. The town is considered as the unofficial capital and gateway to the heartland of the West Coast Bajau people. 

Kota Belud's population is divided between Bajau-Sama, Dusun and Illanun peoples. What's interesting happening in Kota Belud is their open air market that's held every Sunday. Once a year, the tamu is held on a much larger scale. During this time, it is known as the Tamu Besar or Grand Market.

Be sure to check out Kota Belud attractions which include Kampung Tambulion, Pantai Rang Bulan, Pulau Mantanani, and Kampung Buah Pandai. You can also enjoy scenic view of Mount Kinabalu and greenery while enjoy life as locals. You can live like locals here such as learning Tigol dance, watch handicraft demo, watch Rafflesia blooming, go to cultural night and fish catching.

To enjoy life as locals to the fullest, you'll need to stay from 2 nights or more in Kota Belud. Lucky for you, check out the top homestay in Kota Belud for your exotic vacation that we have listed down below just for you. After all, life's too short, so make this trip worthwhile and a memorable one.

Nohutu Ecotourism

Nohutu Ecotourism is located at Kampung Melangkap Tiong, Kota Belud, Sabah. The homestay offers 3 types of packages - homestay with 4 rooms, dormitory for up to 10 pax and bamboo houses. These packages come in different style of rooms and rates including traditional kitchen and campsite area with full Mount Kinabalu view. If you're staying in one of the Bamboo houses and the campsite area, you can get access to fresh river flowing from Mount Kinabalu. Nohutu Ecotourism offers outdoor activities such as jungle trekking and get in touch with nature, and hiking up until 500 m distance. The homestay also provide car parks for guests.

Address: Nohutu Ecotourism, Kampung Melangkap Tiong, Off Jalan Ranau Bypass, 89150 Kota Belud, Sabah. 

No. of Pax: 15

Price:  Starting from MYR110 / night

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Tambatuon Homestead

Another exotic vacation rentals to get in touch with Mother Nature is Tambatuon Homestead. The homestay provides accommodation with access to the garden. There is an in-house restaurant and guests can enjoy water activities at the nearby Water Park. BBQ pits and equipments are also provided here in the homestead. The terrace comes with different accommodation packages from Family Room to Dormitory. Tambatuon Homestead is suitable for family or solo travellers.

Address: Tambatuon Homestead, Kg Tambatuon, Jalan Tambatuon, 89150, Kota Belud, Sabah. 

No. of Pax: 25

Price:  Starting from MYR36 / night

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Nopunggok Homestay 

If you want to experience life as locals, you can stay in Nopungguk Homestay where you can go for mount climbing, jungle trekking, camping, swimming in the river and waterfall, fish trapping, learn the Tigol dance, watch handicraft demo, experience Rafflesia blooming, join cultural night and authentic village life and more. Sounds exciting, right? Be sure to book your stay here in Nopungguk Homestay and experience life as locals.

Address: 185, Kampung Gansurai, 89158 Kota Belud, Sabah. 

No. of Pax: 6

Price:  Starting from MYR60 / night

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Juliet Homestay

Juliet Homestay offers fully furnished 6 bedrooms house with basic cooking items, BBQ pits, camping site, mount climbing activities to Mount Melangkap and outdoor activities such as swimming in the river, rafting, futsal and volleyball. The homestay is close by to Kota Belud attractions such as  Melangkap River, Melangkap Nabalu Rafflesia, Wario River, Tempasuk River, Kota Belud Central Market and more.

Address: 59, Jalan Melangkap Kerayau, Kampung Melangkap Baru, 89158, Kota Belud, Sabah. 

No. of Pax: 5

Price:  Starting from MYR80 / night

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Teratak Bonda Homestay Kota Belud

If you're coming with a large pax, then Teratak Bonda Homestay Kota Belud is the homestay for you as it is a bungalow house that can fit 10 to 15 pax at a time. The car park space can fit 3 to 4 cars. The facilities include Astro, wifi, fridge, washing machine, stove, hot showers and air conditioner.

Address: KM6, Kg Taun Gusi, Jln Lama Kudat, 89157 Kota Belud, Sabah.

No. of Pax: 15

Price:  Starting from MYR85 / night

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You are not going to stay only in Kota Belud? 

We have many other unique and cozy homestay options in Sabah for you to check out! Just click on the image below to find out more. 

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