Melaka Best Original Coconut Shake along Jalan Klebang Featured Image

Melaka Best Original Coconut Shake along Jalan Klebang

Apr 18, 2016
We have been dropping by this stall several times. We love this original Klebang coconut shake very much. It is the best choice especially during hot day by taking a cup of 'shaved ice + coconut milk + vanilla ice cream'. 

The stall outside by the main Jalan Klebang road is set up to support take-out services. So please remember to queue in the crowd (almost every day) if you wanna 'da bao' (Chinese: 打包, pronounced as da bao, it means to take out). You can enjoy the drink inside their shop (house business) and at the same time take Malay cuisine including Nasi Lemak and 'kuih muih' (it means cakes in Malay).

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Contact Information


Along Jalan Klebang next to Caltex Station Jalan Klebang, Taman Klebang Jaya, Melaka.


+60133994061 (Shafie) +60136306083 (Rosnani) +60196430243 (Shariffudin)


12.30pm to 6.30pm daily (Friday 2pm to 6.30pm)

GPS 2.220399,102.204583

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