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Jonker walk, Only at night

By Selandar Farm - Dec 19, 2015 (Last Updated May 23, 2019)

Jonker Street, the road which is filled with historical houses along its left and right sides dating back to 17th century is one of the spotlight in Malacca tourism. Across the road, you can discover shops selling antiques, textiles, handicrafts and not to forget the delicious food and snacks that is favoured by the local too. You probably have heard of it or even been there before.

Every friday around 6pm, the road is closed as the crowd flooded the street. And here it begins another night in jonker street.

The view of the entrance of Jonker Walk during day time and night time. Traffics are over the street during the day while at night it becomes a crowd attraction. Tourists and locals gather here to explore the night market in Jonker Street.


First of all, food. Yes food, food is our common ground, a universal experience. A long journey better starts with a full stomach! You get any of them in the night market. However, I believe a single night is not enough to try all the delicious food there.

Random stuffs

Since it is a night market, there is certainly more than just foods, just walk along the street and you will discover different kinds of things selling here. Watches, clothes, handicrafts, vacuum cleaner? and many more. You name it!

Stunt Show

If you are lucky enough, you will get to see one of the stunt show in Jonker Walk during the weekend when the streets are closed. Get yourself to feel the atmosphere and get thrilled by the daredevil act of the performers! Here is one of them:

Jonker Walk Garden

Need some fresh air from the crowded night market? How about taking a break in the Jonker Walk Garden. It is quite relaxing to walk here without the heat from the day time. You will also get to see Mr. Universe Body Builder Statue. This is located outside the gym and academy of bodybuilder Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong. Just be sure to take some photograph with it.


So you are telling me that you are even tired of walking? Can't lift your legs? Well, let us go to some nearby cafe. Hardrock cafe is not a bad idea.

Hard Rock Cafe has long landed in Malacca and it is located near the Malacca river. It is definitely a place to experience some live bustling music while enjoying your meal. 

The hardrock cafe at night, together with the Malacca river, certainly creates a beautiful ending scenery to end your malacca night life.

*Photos credited to,,, Asiawebdirect, hardrock facebook , summerschool.

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