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10 Things to Eat at Jonker Night Market@Melaka

By JeeShen Lee - Jun 02, 2015 (Last Updated Dec 13, 2019)

Let's it bring you the best snacks and dishes you should have while exploring Jonker Street!

Coconut Water Balls 

At the very beginning of the Jonker night market stretch, you’ll find coconut water balls (RM2)! Yes, balls. The employees very skillfully cut the meat from the husk, producing a ball of flesh filled with coconut water (of course, they serve it to you in a container just in case it breaks). Stick a straw in and enjoy this cooling drink while sauntering down Jonker Street.

Flower Pot Ice Cream 

 A current food trend at the night market is the flower pot ice cream (RM5), also known as the bonsai ice cream, which can be found at many stalls scattered along Jonker. A small flower pot is filled with either chocolate, vanilla, or a mix of both ice creams, covered with finely processed Oreo cookie bits to look like dirt, then topped with a single stalk of parsley. As off-putting as it looks (who wants to have dirt in their teeth), the dessert is popular among Jonker Street’s patrons, and is frankly quite delicious.

Sambal Lala  

Settle down at the hawker centre and order a plate of sambal lala (clams, RM15) - you won’t regret it! These clams are so fresh, the briny taste almost seems absent. What you get instead are slippery morsels of seafood that just slide down your throat, packing a punch with a lot of sweet and spicy sambal.

Si Bao 

Much like a mix between rojak and chee cheong fun, the si bao (four treasure, RM6) dish has fishcakes, taufu, and fu chuk deep-fried in a crisp batter, slices of cucumber, and a side of chilli sauce. We absolutely loved the combination of the crunchy batter with the soft fishcake and taufu.

Nyonya Laksa 

At the very same hawker place, you can get a bowl of delicious Nyonya laksa (RM5)! Though very similar to curry laksa, Nyonya laksa broth is created by using both chicken and prawns for a thicker, stronger taste. This bowl also had fishballs, taufu pok, and fried fu chuk for added substance.

Curry Fish Balls 

For a savoury snack to eat while strolling around Jonker, get yourself a hot bowl of curry fish balls (small for RM3, large for RM5)! The curry isn’t too spicy or sweet, just the perfect mixture - it’ll make you want to down the whole bowl after you’ve finished those bouncy handmade fish balls.

Muah Chee 

One of the foods you absolutely must have on Jonker Street is the muah chee (RM3). You’ll find a cute old uncle by Geographer’s café, slowly snipping away the soft glutinous rice sticks, then rolling them in the sugary peanut mixture. We love the taste of muah chee - sweet and crunchy on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside. Mmm yummy.

Pineapple Tarts 

Of course, you can’t afford to miss out on pineapple tarts (small box for RM8). After much research we’ve found Nyonya Story Enterprise to have the best pineapple tarts on Jonker Street. The owner will kindly offer you some tarts hot out of the oven, certain that after just one bite, you’ll want a whole box. Trust us, their pineapple rolls will melt. In. Your. Mouth.

Portuguese egg tarts

These Portuguese egg tarts (6 for RM6.80) are the perfect snack to have while walking along Jonker Street. They’re small, portable, and won’t make a mess while you’re shopping for things. The crust was buttery and flaky, while the steamed egg mixture was firm and sweet.


There are a lot of kuihs you can get from Jonker, including kuih lapis, kuih salat, and pulut udang. If you’re feeling a peckish, get some multicolored agar-agar! They’re a light snack and are really refreshing when you’re trying to beat the heat of the crowds.

Ice Cream Rolls

 Another cold dessert you shouldn’t miss out on are the ice cream rolls (RM8). The ice cream is freeze-fried right before your eyes on a -30˚C pan, then topped with peanuts, sprinkles, and love letters. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their flavours of mango peach, double chocolate, blueberry, lemon and more.

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BBQ Giant Scallop with Vermicelli 

An interesting food item we found on Jonker was this BBQ-grilled giant scallop with vermicelli (RM23). The scallop was grilled on its shell with a cracked egg, then topped with vermicelli noodles and a sprinkling of spring onions. The resulting taste is a salty seafood dish that you won’t forget.

Dim Sum 

 Worth an honourable mention is Mr. Pau’s dim sum. People are always crowding around this stall on Jonker Street and for good reason, too. The dumplings and paus at this stall are tasty and succulent, and you can mix and match them at a very affordable price (3 for RM1.80, 6 for RM3).

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