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7 Types Of Friends You Travel With

By [email protected] - Nov 01, 2016 (Last Updated Feb 21, 2019)

In Life, It’s Not Where You Go. It’s Who You Travel With That Matters.

Friends are the best people to be with and they say, “The best people are always the people you can travel and live with”. If you don’t think so, you might want to get out there and meet people who love to travel and experience a different scenery in life. It is always easier for you to get to know a person better simply by travelling with them but hate it or not, you will soon find out some of their traits, be it likable or not.

We have come up with a list of friends we travel with and you may stumble upon some interesting information in the future when you travel with friends. Enjoy!

1. The Driver

The first tribute goes out to that friend who doesn’t hesitate to take on the wheel and begin driving with 4-5 super noisy and crazy friends sitting in the back seat. They are also known are the “leader” of the pack because usually the person on the wheel holds the authority. How do we know that? We just know.

2. The GPS

Yes, you read that right, GPS, it can be in term of app installed in your phone like Google Map or Waze. But in this case, we are not referring to the GPS app or the device itself. What we meant by GPS is that, you are always the friend who holds up the GPS for the driver, or in other words, the phone holder and also the person who gives direction based on the display on the phone. You are the source of direction, the GPS travel guide. Other members will appreciate how you sacrifice your time fidgeting on the phone and just hold up the GPS in order for us to arrive at our destination safely.

3. The Sleeping Beauty

All of us have that one friend who can basically sleeps throughout the whole car ride. You are missing out on all the hot topics we talk about during the car ride, which is also the best part of the trip. It is best to stay awake and take the time to chat with other members in the car while accompanying that one person in the driving seat.

4. The Chatterbox

I'm sure everyone will have that experience when travel with friends, we will have that group of friends who have an infinite energy to talk about their never-ending stories and they usually have other friends who are very interested in their stories regardless of how ridiculous or how dramatic it may sound. It is these people which made the trip ever so unforgettable.

5. The Phone Hogger

The friend who is always looking at their phone. Texting, browsing, scrolling to the bottom of the Facebook page, refresh, then repeat the same process again, or just about anything they can do with their smartphone. They laugh at the same Snapchat joke over and over again and stalk other people endlessly in Instagram. They are there, in the car but they have very little presence.

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6. The Photographer

There is always a friend who have superb photography skills or hidden photography talent, or they just have a phone with really great camera. If you are lucky, you might have real professional photographer friend in your clique. They are the type of friends who naturally makes memorable memories for you simply by clicking away and they don’t mind not being in the photos. Best of all, you get free photoshoot and money does not come in between when you are travelling with best friends.

7. The Invisible

Once again, don’t get us wrong. We didn’t literally mean invisible. These friends are called invisible friends because they are so quiet that sometimes you wonder if they are actually physically there with you. Yet when travel with friends for a holiday, they are the ones who will be in the list to call simply because their friendship mean so much to you that it would make a world of difference if they were not together.

Try looking back at your last trip and did you spot any of your friends falling into the categories we mentioned? Or if we miss out any category that is worth mentioning, let us know at the comment below! Who knows, we might have enough information to start writing for Part 2! If you have not plan for it then check out letsgoholiday for places to stay at affordable price!

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