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5 Tips To Better Travel Photography

By [email protected] - Nov 23, 2016 (Last Updated May 10, 2019)

Make a statement without saying a word.

Taking photos is definitely what everyone will do while traveling. It is not only to show the skills of your photography, but it is also to remember every moment of our journey to a place that provides a wonderful memory.

Here we would like to share 5 tips to take better and more interesting photography when traveling.

1. Study the place you want to Visit

This is very important. Usually we will be busy packing for the trip that we have no idea to research the place that we will go. Try google first the place you would go, look for the places of interest that you can take pictures. Usually the pictures you want to take, someone else would also have been taken it right? So your job is to figure out how to take a picture that is different from others in order to look more unique.

2. Pay attention to the lighting

Light is the most important thing in photography. Take advantage of a natural light as possible. Usually the best light is when the sun is just rising. So the best time to shoot is in the morning or an hour before sunset. Use this Golden Hour as much as you can. Get up in the morning and get ready!

3. Use colour wisely

To add a radiance of images that you capture, try to play with the colours around. Colour is the powerful tools to communicate. It can give a picture of a certain mood and emotion. But make sure to set the White Balance to suit the weather and light. This will make the images you capture look gorgeous.

4. Make use of the locals

Use the local people as the subject of your picture. Capture the moments or emotion of them for example someone riding a bicycle, guys selling fish, small children playing, or even an old guy drinking coffee. Pictures like these can give a story behind it. Even images of people walking from the rear can also describe a thousand meanings.

5. Learn about composition to better frame your photos

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One of the famous compositions is the Rule of Third. It is used to produce a balance in the image. An easiest way to think of this is to imagine the frame is divided into three parts vertically and horizontally, next place the main subject of your photo at the meeting point of the frame which has been divided earlier, either left or right. This will make your image become more interesting.

Another famous composition is the Rule of Symmetry. It makes the picture more harmonious and well balanced. We usually take a picture from an eye level right? This time try you put down the camera slightly to 45 degree angle so that it can take a picture of a more symmetrical, especially an image of a building. Your image will appear more harmonious and more beautiful.

There are many other tips for taking good pictures when you travel. The most important thing when you travel is to always have fun. Take as many pictures as possible and enjoy the place. You may only go there once in a lifetime who knows? If you are planning for to go on a trip soon, visit our website at Let'sGoHoliday.my to find accommodations nearby. There is a variety of homestays and hotels you can choose from at affordable price. Happy Holidays!

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