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Top 10 Tips For Travelling With Friends

By [email protected] - Jul 11, 2016 (Last Updated May 21, 2019)

There is an unspoken bond you create with friends you travel with.

Travelling with your friends might be fun as there is fewer restrictions compared to travelling with your families as parents and siblings can be a mindful when it comes to travelling. Despite that, not all your friends can compromise your behaviours like your family and vice versa.

1.    Pick the right people

It is easier to travel with people of similar interest and people who you feel comfortable with. This way no arguments or misunderstandings will occur.

2.    Mind the group size

Traveling with too many friends can be a headache and difficult to handle. Travelling with three person is also a bad idea as one will easily feel left out. Often travelling in pairs is a good idea.

3.    Know what you and your friends want

Everyone is different and have different interest. Make sure when you are travelling, all of you are having a good time instead of having a friend sulking in the corner. Some might like to travel late for the nightlife while some might be early birds looking for sceneries. Either way work it out by creating an itinerary.

4.    Always give and take

Travelling in a place where you do not know anyone, you only have each other. Therefore always compromise, do not be a wet blanket to others. You might as well enjoy what they like to do as well. Maybe you can give suggestions to your friends as well if they want too but do not force them. 

A journey is best measured in friends rather in miles.

5.    Make a budget 

Make sure all of you is comfortable in spending that much into hotels, food or transportations. Make sure all of you are paying equally so none of you will feel like they are being used.

6.    Have some time alone

The point of travelling with your friends is to get together but sometimes you need your time alone but be sure to inform your friends your whereabouts so that they are not worry.

7.    Make sure everyone gets enough rest

If one of your friends are too tired to carry on the next activity, they will get left behind. This will make things worse as they will make others feel bad.

8.    Try splitting up

This is not leaving anyone behind but if the group is too large, try splitting up into smaller groups as this will make travelling easier. People of same interest can do things together.

9.    Communicate

If anyone disagrees with the itinerary of the day then speak out and hear what they have in mind or hear what they do not want to miss out there.

10.    Make sure everyone is happy

At the end of the day, everyone should return from their vacation feeling happy. Friends help each other out. At the end of the day, it will benefit everyone.
In the end, of you did not get to travel the way you wanted or do the activities that you want. Just remember that the quality time you spend with your friends is much more valuable. So go wild and get crazy with your friends.

(Credits: Halkidiki, Travel With A Mate, TinyBuddha)

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