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11 Homestays in Malaysia for Christmas Gathering

Dec 14, 2017

Christmas is near and guess what? It's another long weekend! What could be better than spending a long weekend and Christmas with your loved ones? Last minute planner, no problem. We have it covered for you. 


DeZen's Guesthouse

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/86/dezen-s-guesthouse

Step-In Homestay @ Tiara Melaka Golf Club Resort Living

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/7227/step-in-homestay-tiara-melaka-golf-club-resort-living


Rumah JOHO Homestay

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/8144/rumah-joho-homestay


Venn Homestay

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/7196/venn-homestay

Properties Homestay

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/7940/properties-homestay

MYR 90.00 /night


Single Bungalow Homestay Ipoh

Homestay Ipoh In Shatin Park

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/25/homestay-ipoh-in-shatin-park


Masayu Putrajaya Homestay

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/6579/masayu-putrajaya-homestay

Symphony Hills

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/7535/symphony-hills


David's Vacation Home Ringlet

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/4382/david-s-vacation-home-ringlet

Grandview VIP Home Raub

More details: https://www.letsgoholiday.my/Listing/Detail/7267/grandview-vip-home-raub

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