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Penang Hotel List

By [email protected] - Dec 03, 2018 (Last Updated Jun 30, 2023)

Penang is a state in the northern region of Malaysia, comprising of an Island and a mainland connected by two Penang bridges. Ask any Malaysians about Penang and the likeliest answer is somewhere the line of the best food in Malaysia. While they are not wrong, Penang is more than just a food paradise. Take culture for an example, Penang is just like any place in Malaysia; widely diversified and living in harmony. Truth be told, there isn't a lot that is more beautiful than seeing citizens of different races and religions living together in peace. 


One of the best lifestyle to live by is to live within your means so if you're planning for a holiday but are low on budget, why not reduce your expenditure by staying at a cheaper accommodation? After all, saving on accommodation is probably one of the most effective ways to keep your holiday budget on a minimum since you will only need an accommodation to leave your belongings and rest.

Which is why below we have listed a few hotels around Penang that are so affordable that you could potentially extend your stay while spending within your budget.

MYR 10.00 /night

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MYR 108.00 /night

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Other than hotels, we have a lot more holiday properties for rent! Click on the image below to browse through some of the best tourist accommodations in Penang or visit LetsGoHoliday for other homestays/hotels around Malaysia! Book your well deserved holiday with us now to enjoy a discounted price!

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