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Top 5 Hotel Near Pantai Cenang

By [email protected] - Dec 07, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 09, 2018)

It is the end of the year, school's out and you are feeling burnout from work and deadlines. So, what will be the best cure for that? Vitamin Sea of course!

Malaysia is an all year round summer and tropical climate with breathtaking islands and beaches all around the country. But the real question would be, where will your next Vitamin Sea trip be next? Can it be the crystal clear islands and beaches in Sabah? Or the good ol' Port Dickson, as the local calls it PD? Alright, not having all of that, no?

Then, let's go to Langkawi! Why Langkawi you ask? Langkawi is the perfect place for you to chill out and let loose those tensed ties. Langkawi is made of almost 100 archipelago in the Andaman Sea. Therefore, expect to find stretches of white sand beaches and small untouched islands, perfect for you to unwind and connect with Mother Nature. Top popular Langkawi beaches include Cenang Beach, Tengah Beach, Burau Bay, Kok Beach, and Datai Bay. The most popular beach among these is the Pantai Cenang for its long stretch of sandy white beach.

There are romantic by the beach restaurants and bars along the beach and at night, live bands and performance usually take place to entertain the guests and customers. Not only that, tourists spend time to watch sundown by the Cenang beach as well. And it is undoubtedly a romantic place for newlyweds, lovers and couples to stroll with hand-in-hand alongside the beach.

Phew, with all that activities to do and attractions to visit, you will need a hotel to stay, Lucky for you, we have listed out the top 5 best hotel near Pantai Cenang down below! Let's check out the list shall we?

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Wait, what, you wish there's more to the list? Alright, alright. You ask and we deliver! Click on the photos above to check out the best accommodations to stay in Langkawi!

As the saying goes, don't say we don't umbrella you! 

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