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7 Cheap But Quality Langkawi Hotel

By [email protected] - Nov 29, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 26, 2018)

Langkawi is a duty-free island in the far north of Peninsula Malaysia within the border of Kedah. To the locals in Malaysia, Langkawi is synonymous with cheap chocolates, cigarettes, perfumes and alcohol as its' status as one of the few Malaysia duty-free islands. Not just a shopping paradise, nature lover can also travel to Langkawi for an extraordinary experience of island-hopping around Langkawi's 99 islands!

Are you aware that Langkawi is made up of almost 100 islands? Now that is something, not even many locals are aware of but now that you know, I bet you're more intrigued to visit the islands.

While on the main island of Langkawi, be sure to include paddy-field and jungle-clad hills in your travel itinerary. It really is one of the adventures you don't want to miss out. Other than that, Langkawi has something else up its' sleeves which is the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge! The cable car transports visitors up to the peak of Mat Chinchang Mountain where the Langkawi Sky Bridge is located. The Cable Car departs from Oriental Village where there are a whole bunch of other attractions such as a 3-Dimensional art museum (Art in Paradise) and many more! It is your island to explore!

With so much place to explore and discover, I'm sure you will think twice about your budget and spendings while on a holiday in Langkawi. Not to worry, cause we have got that covered! Here we list out 7 cheap but quality hotels in Langkawi that is worth every cent so that you can splurge on *wink wink* duty-free shoppings!!

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