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Top 17 Homestay in Pantai Cenang, Langawi

By [email protected] - Dec 03, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 09, 2019)

Langkawi is a duty-free island in the far north of Peninsula Malaysia within the border of Kedah. To the locals in Malaysia, Langkawi is synonymous with cheap chocolates, cigarettes, and alcohol as its' status as one of the few Malaysia duty-free islands. Not just a shopping paradise, nature lover can also travel to Langkawi for an extraordinary experience of island-hopping around Langkawi's 99 islands!


So now the question is why homestay over a hotel? Disclaimer; we have nothing against hotels but for the sake of this blog post, we will reason on behalf of homestay, after all, being the unconventional accommodation choice, homestay should deserve its' fair share of credits too. While hotel rooms can be fancy, homestays has an edge over it in terms of space and experience.

Instead of being limit to just a room, homestays would offer you a space just like home making you feel as if you never left home for a holiday. Furthermore, with the space available comes a more unique experience as you are able to spend time with your loved ones in the common area of the house without having to worry of disturbing other guests next door. Not forgetting, if you are traveling in a group, renting a homestay would save you the hassle of having to book several hotel rooms. Who doesn't click with convenience?

However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences. So if you're a homestay person or is looking for a change this time around and giving homestay a shot, here are some the best homestays around Cenang Beach area in Langkawi. Go ahead and book now!

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Does any of the earlier 17 homestays interests you? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Book now before it's fully booked. If no, how about taking another few minutes to look through the list of accommodation in Langkawi? who knows you might find a place worth renting? Click on the image below for more information. 

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