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18 of the Most Affordable and Best Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

By [email protected] - Dec 04, 2018 (Last Updated Sep 02, 2020)

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and indeed carries the status true to its' values. Driving into the city, You'd never for a minute missed all the skyscrapers surrounding the city from apartments to office buildings to hotels, it is very much a concrete jungle. If you're thinking what does a city center has to offer from a tourism angle? You'll be overwhelmed with the answers.

Dubbed as Southeast Asia's shopping paradise, retail outlets in Kuala Lumpur ranges from cheap local goods to designers' brands, there are really way too many brands to shop from that you might not even know where to start. As a matter of fact, Mastercard Destination Cities Index ranks Kuala Lumpur as the 8th destination in the world in terms of visitors spend at USD 7.2 billion spent in 2016. We can only imagine how much the figure has grown since then.


If we were to start to list the things to do or visit in Kuala Lumpur, this would be a very long blog post and end up spoiling all the fun you would get as you explore the city on your own. However, here we would more or less give you an idea of what to expect when you're traveling in KL.

First and foremost, as a heavily commercialized tourist center, KL has almost anything you would want in a travel destination. So there really is no worry of having nothing to do but instead worry of how to fit in as many activities as you can in your limited time here at KL. To start with, there are theme parks, lots of street foods, and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers which till today is still the tallest twin towers in the world! Better get your camera ready, it's not easy to get a perfect shot at a place heavily populated with tourists.

Furthermore, expect endless shopping spree if you're someone that absolutely loves shopping. The number of huge malls is more than any other city in Malaysia and if you will be there around May, August or December then you're in luck because these are usually the time of the year where sales are everywhere! Who doesn't like a bargain? Speaking of a bargain, below is a list of the most affordable yet high-quality hotel accommodations you can find in KL!

MYR 90.00 /night

MYR 100.00 /night

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MYR 130.00 /night

If none of the hotels above are what you're looking for, then sorry but we have nothing else to offer. Just kidding, we are very dedicated to helping you plan the best travel experience which is why we always have more choices! Click on the image above to browse through more than 100 homestays located all over KL, for sure one would fit your demands.

Top 20 Best Homestay Near KLCC

To truly experience life in the city, this is where you should consider staying on your trip here at KL. With the hustle and bustle of the city, it might just be the city that never sleeps. 

Hotel Near Bukit Bintang

Shop till you drop they say and the only plausible way is to rent an accommodation near to the shopping malls you want to shop at. Here at Bukit Bintang, you can find almost anything from local goods to premium designer brands.

Now before you click away, we just want to let you know that LetsGoHoliday provides homestay/hotel bookings all over Malaysia! So be sure to book with us to receive the best price!

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