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Top 20 Best Homestay near KLCC

By [email protected] - Dec 04, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 11, 2019)

Malaysia's busiest city for all the right reasons is right here in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Located at the heart of the capital state of Malaysia, KLCC is a major economic player in Malaysia. Designer brands and premium retailers are all making their way into the city of Kuala Lumpur for a piece of the economy pie. Premium shopping is never as accessible as anywhere else in Malaysia with overseas' high-end brands all located within walks away. If you feeling rich and wanting to reward yourself on a material scale, this is the place for you. 


Surrounded by landmarks, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, huge hotels, and lighted billboards, it almost feels like you are standing on the streets of New York City. Snap into reality, it is Kuala Lumpur and you're in for a lively city adventure.

While you're at it, make sure to take some photos otherwise how will your followers on Instagram know you're living the high life? Speaking of photos, there are a lot of really Insta-worthy foods all over the city. From street style hawker stalls to high-end dining experience, you will be left craving for more. Feed your stomach and your camera too!

So we have covered the shopping experience and food. Honestly, those two should really be enough to convince you to book now. But if you are asking for more, we got your back! Just take a look at these 20 of the best homestays near KLCC and you'll be convinced for sure. Affordable and high end, now we are talking. 

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Other than these 20 homestays, we have a lot more! We know our homestays and of course, we know every guest has different demands. So if these 20 aren't your liking, click on the image below for more!

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