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30 Best Homestays in Kuala Lumpur

By [email protected] - Nov 29, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 11, 2019)

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and indeed carries the status true to its' values. Driving into the city, You'd never for a minute missed all the skyscrapers surrounding the city from apartments to office buildings to hotels, it is very much a concrete jungle. If you're thinking what does a city center has to offer from a tourism angle? You'll be overwhelmed with the answers.

Dubbed as Southeast Asia's shopping paradise, retail outlets in Kuala Lumpur ranges from cheap local goods to designers' brands, there are really way too many brands to shop from that you might not even know where to start. As a matter of fact, Mastercard Destination Cities Index ranks Kuala Lumpur as the 8th destination in the world in terms of visitors spend at USD 7.2 billion spent in 2016. We can only imagine how much the figure has grown since then.

Given that there are so many retailers, you would probably be asking if it is even convenient in terms of location? Yes, some are quite distant from others but worry not because as the capital state of Malaysia, it has a very complex and complete transportation system, perhaps the most efficient in Malaysia.

As driving the main mode of transportation in Kuala Lumpur, highways are well connected therefore making each journey shorter than it appears. Therefore driving in KL is a lot more convenient than you think. However, if you traveling from far and do not have the luxury of driving, there are also few networks of public transportation to choose from. Buses, rails and taxies are all available and quite relatively efficient as well.


So apart from a shopping haven and flying buses, what are other reasons to visit Kuala Lumpur? Just kidding, there are no flying buses but we can always dream, can't we? Anyways, as the capital state of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has always been host to various international conferences, events, sporting events and many more. Almost to the point of there is always influx of visitors to Kuala Lumpur without much of a tourism campaign.

So if you'll be traveling to KL why not take a look at these few homestays below? It's good! We promise.


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