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18 Best Hotel in KL

By [email protected] - Nov 27, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 05, 2018)

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of cultures and ethnic which include Tamil, Chinese, Malay and indigenous inhabitants. Tourism is the central focus in Kuala Lumpur and there are a huge variety of attractions for visitors to choose from, ranging from modern or traditional depending on your taste. Whether you wish to marvel in awe with the beauty and uniqueness of  mosques and temples, or photographing futuristic skyscrapers, visiting local markets and street food or chilling inside malls, there are so many things to be done in the city alone that suits your age and budget. Here we listed out the things to do in KL then we present you a list of 18 best hotel in KL just for you!

So, what are the things you can do in KL?

Visit the futuristic-looking skyscraper Petronas Twin Tower, of course! It is the tallest twin towers in the world features breathtaking postmodern design clashing with Islamic designs. Visitors flock here to enjoy the breathtaking view of KL city stretch. Next, you can go back in time and history at Sri Mahamariamman Temple. It has been built since the 19th century, making it the perfect place for you to learn about the diverse cultures and religions that make up the city. The temple is easily recognizable as you approach as it has a vibrant and colorful façade featuring a range of Hindu deities depicting famous legends. The site is a working temple and as such a place of worship for the local Tamil community but visitors can also explore the grounds and wonder at the architecture and atmosphere.

You can also learn and enjoy about the culture here in KL at the National Museum. Not to mention, if you wish to learn about rail transport at KL Railway Station, you can pay a visit to the main railway station. Here, you can enjoy the beauty classic of British and Asian architecture. If you wish to go on a souvenir shopping, Central Market has got you covered. It is also called as Pasar Seni which was once a former wet market selling fruits, vegetable and meat. But now it's selling arts and crafts as well as musical performance that depict the ethnicity and local influence.

If you wish to shop til you drop, stroll over to Suria KLCC mall, the mall is located inside the Petronas Twin Towers and visit the malls around the Golden Triangle area. Or if you wish to shop like locals, you can visit the Petaling Street or the Chinatown. If you prefer to get in sync with nature rather than spending time, money and energy in crowded and packed malls, you can hop over to KL Bird Park, Zoo Negara and KL Butterfly Farm. Better still, you can make a free visit by strolling the KLCC park. See, there's just too much to do in KL right?

But after a day out, you must be really tired and in need of a place to stay. Fret not because as promised, here is a list of the best 18 hotels in KL just for you!

MYR 100.00 /night

MYR 130.00 /night

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