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4 Best Holiday Villa in Kelantan

By [email protected] - Feb 08, 2019 (Last Updated Feb 18, 2019)

Planning for your next holiday to be in Kelantan? Good choice! Kelantan is home to Malay culture unique the this state. Wau Bulan, batik, songket, it's traditional food like colek, somtam and many more. It's a place like no other. And if you're planning to stay for a long period here in Kelantan, it might be best for you to stay in the best holiday villa in Kelantan.

Not only you feel like you're at home, you can take advantage of it's more affordable prices compared to staying long in a hotel and it offers a lot more space for you and your family. You can even hold out BBQ event and a family gathering for you and your family during your holiday trip in Kelantan.

Here we have the 4 best holiday villa in Kelantan just for you!

Teratak Ibunda Guest House

Teratak Ibunda Guest House Gallery Photos

Teratak Ibunda Guest House Gallery Photos

Teratak Guest House offer a country living but in Malay-Kelantan version. You can feel the exquisite vibes from the beautiful furnitures and decorations from this house. Not only the interior is quite spacious, it offers large parking space for you and your family.

The bedrooms are air-conditioned, the living hall as well! So you won't have to suffer so much from the tropical heat we have here in Kelantan. BBQ equipment and cooking facilities are all prepared for you to hold out BBQ for your family gathering at this homestay.

Address          : Lot 1954, Lorong 2 Kampung Kota, 15100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Price                : RM250/night

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Asyraf Homestay At Kota Bharu

Ashraf Homestay At Kota Bharu Gallery Photos

Ashraf Homestay At Kota Bharu Gallery Photos

Asyraf Homestay at Kota Bharu is another spacious holiday villa for you and your family. The main bedroom is quite big as well. This homestay can house 10 guests at a time. You can hold out a family gathering inside the house or go for shopping at the nearby Pasar Borong Wakaf Che Yeh. Other local attractions close this homestay are Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, and Pantai Cahaya Bulan.

Address          : 1531, Lorong Surau Kota 1,  Kampung Surau Kota, 15100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Price                : RM230/night

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Homestay Kb Wakaf Kayu

Homestay Kb Wakaf Kayu Gallery Photos

Homestay Kb Wakaf Kayu is a special holiday villa located close to Pantai Cahaya Bulan and it is right beside a river. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the river right from the window. The pine furnitures of this homestay are specially selected for it's pinewood decoration concept.

Not only that, 10 to 15 guests are welcomed to stay in this villa and it has gazebos for you and your family to hang around in the yard to enjoy the riverview. If you are keen on trying some local food, this homestay is nearby to popular restaurants like Medan Ikan Bakar for Pokmat Tea Beng Madu, Nasi Kerabu Kambing Bakar PCB, Nasi Kerabu Kambing Bakar Tersohor Kg Pauh, Restauran Kahfi Tomyam and Char Kuew Teow Taman Bendahara.

Address          :  Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan ( PCB ), 15350 Kota Bharu , Kelantan

Price                : RM220/night

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Zara Homestay Kota Bharu

Zara Homestay Kota Bharu is a semi-D holiday villa in Kota Bharu.  Another spacious villa for 10 guests, 2 from the 3 bedrooms are air-conditioned. It is suitable for holding out family events and gathering.  The location is strategic with it being close to Wakaf Che Yeh, Kota Bharu city, the airport and Pantai Irama.

Address          : Kg Padang Bemban, Banggu, 16150 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Price                : RM160/night

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