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Casugria Boutique Residence Melaka

By [email protected] - Apr 21, 2016 (Last Updated May 21, 2019)
The Casugria Boutique Residence Melaka is located at the heart of the historical Bandar Hilir, Melaka. For its history enlightenment, Casugria is the antique Dutch Colonial Villa built back then in the 1810 by a Dutch Gentry who was also the Dutch Governor of Malacca. Back then, Melaka was under control by the Dutch which lasted for almost 183 years from 1641 to 1824. Since then, Casugria is the one and only surviving Dutch made Bungalow Villa in the whole of Melaka, Malaysia.

Casugria Boutique Residence is home to a cooling, nature-like environment that soothes the relaxing lifestyle that guests deserve. One of the amenities that is exclusively provided to guests is the Grill & BBQ equipment and a jacuzzi that are able to accommodate private functions.  

The interior of the Casugria Boutique Residence provides a comfortable and home-like environment for guests to feel more like home. Besides, the entire space is able to accommodate 12 guests and they are eligible to occupy 4 distinctive rooms with their own ensuite bathrooms. 

Casugria is strategically located in Melaka City which provides a quick access to all amenities which includes the shopping malls in Jalan Merdeka which takes about less than 10 minutes of walking distance and there are several intriguing tourist attraction spots such as the A' Famosa, Stadthuys and Jonker StreetBesides, you may refer to this article to find out the Top 10 Nightlife Entertainment near to Bandar Hilir, Melaka. 

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