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7 Best Hotel in Penang for 2018

By [email protected] - Nov 23, 2018 (Last Updated Jun 30, 2023)

Still figuring where to go cuti-cuti with your loved ones?  How about we suggest you Penang?

Why Penang? Dubbed as the "Pearl of the Orient", Penang is a state island on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008, this gem is historically rich and with its' historic background mix with natural scenery. 

Penang is known for its soft sandy beaches and definitely the food capital in Malaysia. With a diversified culture, which is why Penang's food is one of the best not just in Malaysia but worldwide. Anyone who disagree probably has not been around much. Somehow, foods in Penang are more than just a delicacy but also in some way a representation of their culture - especially the conclusive flavours of Asia. Delicacies such as Char Kuey Teow, Mee Mamak, Rojak, Cendol, Nasi Kandar, white curry mee, Penang Laksa, Tau Sar Peah biscuits and Muah Chi are clearly the perfect influence from South Indian Musli with Aceh Sumatran and Thai integration.

While food can be a very important factors in tourism, there other attractions in Penang too that deserve just as much attention. As we spoke of the soft sandy beaches in Penang, Tanjung Bungah is the place to visit.  Penang also offers a touch of nature where the hills meet the ocean from a hike up Penang Hill to the sandy shores of Monkey Beach. Penang's National Park may be the smallest one there is in the country but its twisting terrain climbing up a mountain and veering off into secluded beaches makes it in the running for the most interesting place to visit from adrenaline junkies.  Apart from that, there also a handful of resorts, theme parks, and adventure park. There is always something exciting awaiting at every bend.

Penang is crawling with unique street arts along the amazing lanes and buildings. One of it includes the famous and very much 'Instagram-worthy' street mural along the roads of Georgetown. A collective of passion projects by international and local urban artists, life in Penang is captured through beautiful graffiti paintings of its people and animals. A series of metal structures have also been integrated into an interactive tourism map of the capital city of Georgetown, encouraging visitors to scour the city in search of the next marker usually around other great landmarks.

Penang being a place of tradition and heritage is chock full of buildings from at least a century ago, since its development by British administration and Asian settlement. Colonial buildings as well as Chinese and Indian ornate houses and shop lots still stand proudly around the island. And to the south of the island, Malay settlements are abundant, a true ‘kampung’ village community. In addition to the most elaborate temples such as the Snake Temple and Thaipusam chalk-marked roads, relics like the clock tower in the city square and local monuments like the famous KOMTAR all give a very interesting man-made landscape.

See, Penang is interesting, no? There's just so much to see and visit in Penang and safe to say, you will need more than a night stay to explore and experience true Penangites. That is why we compiled specially for you the best top 7 hotel in Penang for 2018 for your convenience. Check out the list below!

MYR 10.00 /night

Staying with the best does not mean hefty budget $$$. Click here to enjoy great savings.

If you wish to find other accommodations in Penang, you can click on the photo below to find a whole awesome list of 'em in Penang!

We also have a few articles compiled specially for your Penang trip. Lets get reading!

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Penang is well up there among the big names of tourism in Malaysia and for all the right reasons. Foods, museums, theme park, beaches, resorts, historical monuments, cafes; you name it, they have it!  From must-visit place in Penang to list of popular places in Penang, this article has covered them all.  Are you ready to go to Penang? Check out our top 8 best and comfortable hotels in Penang! Click on the photo above to find out.

Budget Hotel In Penang Batu Ferringhi

Penang, a place famous for her gorgeous, fine sandy beaches. One of the well-known beaches is the Batu Ferringhi beach. Just north-west of Georgetown, this beach lies along the coastal road with many resorts surrounding it. Aside from the fantastic view the beach has to offer, be adventurous here with the many water activities available such as jet skiing, banana boating, and parasailing.

At night, you can visit the famous night market for a variety of merchandise and street food. To complete your trip to Batu Ferringhi, look through our list of budget hotels in Penang Batu Ferringhi!

Hotel Near Escape Theme Park Penang

Thinking to disconnect from the digital world and just have tons and tons of fun-filled, adrenaline jumping activities this holiday? If you are planning to visit ESCAPE, accommodation is the last thing you should worry as there are a number of hotels located nearby ESCAPE Theme Park. 

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