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5 Best Batu Berendam Homestay

By [email protected] - Feb 14, 2019 (Last Updated Feb 15, 2019)

Since 2019 is the Visit Melaka year, how about if we explore each and every inch of Melaka and who knows what hidden gem that you might find in Melaka. Specifically speaking, how about if we check out Batu Berendam and stay in one of our 5 Best Batu Berendam Homestay

Batu Berendam is a small quiet town in Central Melaka District, Melaka. It is near to Ayer Keroh and take about 20 minutes to reach to Melaka Town, where you can head to Jonker Street and Banda Hilir. One of Batu Berendam popular landmark is its own domestic airport, The Melaka International Airport that flies local flight like AirAsia and Firefly. You must think that the place must be congested and busy since the airport is nearby, but actually Batu Berendam is an Industrial area and a Free Trade Zones where imported materials used in manufacture are tax-free. Well-known factories include Infineon and Texas Instrumental. 

But don't judge Batu Berendam as a boring dead town just yet. Batu Berendam is known for the Batu Berendam Coconut Shake. It is as great and as delicious as Klebang Coconut Shake sans the traffic jam to Klebang and heading towards Melaka Town. Batu Berendam Coconut Shake also offers food such as Chicken Rice to Rojak and traditional kuih if you are wondering to eat as well.

If coconut shake is too overrated, have mango a go then! Head out to Mango Float Royale which is located not far from Batu Berendam and Ayer Keroh and quench your thirst with its freshly sliced and diced mangoes topped with vanilla ice cream over a sunny day. Currently, they are coming out with a new menu called Mango Cheese. So be sure to try that one out and post it in your 'gram. The stall is also selling foods from local delicacies to western snacks such as churros.

See, Batu Berendam ain't so bad ey? After a long day of food hunting and sightseeing, let's get some R&Rs in our 5 Best Batu Berendam Homestay as listed below! Check them out now.

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