Attractions in Machap Baru : Machap Baru Street Walk Featured Image

Attractions in Machap Baru : Machap Baru Street Walk

By [email protected] - Apr 21, 2016 (Last Updated May 21, 2019)

Machap Baru is located in a small town district in Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia. Usually, there are two Machap which can be found in Malaysia such as the one in Johor and Melaka. For Machap Baru Melaka, this town holds the attraction of bringing in mainly tourists from Malaysia and Singapore that are eager to try out the food delicacies which could not be found in other places. For bizarre food, tourists are attracted to exotic animals such as wild boar, deer, and even snakes. It may sound "Eww" but these are one of the reasons why tourists are eager to explore the majority of restaurants that are willing to serve. 

Was once a deserted town located 32km away from the Melaka city, Machap Baru is currently the rising town with its latest attraction, the Machap Baru Street Walk which operates only during the weekends where everyone gets to enjoy their nightlife exploring the street. Rival to the Jonker Street in Melaka, Chinatown, the Machap Baru Street Walk offers relatively the same similarities to Jonker Walk but it holds the upper hand in their food while Jonker Street contains the historical element of Melaka and it is a sight that tourists enjoy exploring. 

Food wise, Machap Baru Street Walk offers a variety of food such as the roasted duck, laksa, pork burger, dim sum, chicken wings, clamps, coconut ice cream, sambal petai and much more. For instance, it offers the combination of famous dishes from all around the states of Malaysia into an area. Not to be missed, you will get to witness the unity of every race by walking the entire street which will be an eyesight to uphold the spirit of 1 Malaysia. 

The well-known food at the Machap Baru Street Walk is the panda bun and wantan & mee hoon kuih mee which is currently the fastest selling food. If you are looking for alcoholic beverages, fear not ! There is a heart shaped watermelon that serves in unison with vodka that costs you an additional Rm7 (strongly not for kids). However, the watermelon comes in shapes followed by the pricing of small (RM6), medium (RM8) and big(RM10). It is always a wise choice to cool your body down after a long walk throughout the entire night. 

For the Malay delicacy and if you are a total meat lover, Alie 7 corner's Aneka Soup contains beef, mutton and chicken packed together for some awesome "foodgasm". No doubt that the combination of meat would bring out the goodness of the taste and the fragrant is attracting the attention of passerby to try it out ! Besides the Aneka Soup, you will get to look forward to tasting the nasi lemak which is Malaysia's ... not only Malaysia but the world's healthy breakfast! 

The nightlife in Machap Baru Street Walk has become the exciting weekend gateway especially when it comes to Friday (Since it is open from Friday - Sunday), where you would want to spend your TGIF together with your loved ones. Truth to be told, one of the cons is the street walk's signage are mostly written in Chinese so it is deliberately difficult to read for non-Chinese readers (If you can speak that is a plus !) . However, they are able to comprehend and converse limited, but understandable English, so there would not be a problem to successfully paying for your food and getting to know them as well. If you are a traveller, you might experience déjà vu as the street walk is strikingly similar to the Taiwanese night market. Nevertheless, here are the information that could be of help to get you there. Bon Voyage !

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Machap Baru Street Walk
GPS Coordinates: 2.380075, 102.329330
Operating Hour : Friday - Sunday ( 6p.m to 12a.m)
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