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Top 8 Photography Tips For Homestay Owners

By [email protected] - Jul 08, 2016 (Last Updated May 16, 2019)

Good images of homestay plays an important role for customer to choose.

It is said that picture says a thousand words. Therefore, having proper pictures of your homestay take is crucial to make a good impression. It is fine if you do not have a DSLR Camera or a digital camera. A mobile phone with a minimum of 8 megapixel camera will do just fine. Phone cameras that have a higher megapixels such as 12 or 13 would be better.

1.    Clean Your Lens

This is the most basic tip that many neglect. Your phone has been through everywhere your pocket, your bag and continuously moving from places. It might get dusty or fingerprints might be on the lens, this will avoid light and affect the image. Use soft cloth and especially do not use tissue as this will scratch the lens and result in a more low quality image.

2.    Keep Your Camera Steady

The most important key factor in taking picture is steadiness. Blur pictures is a turnoff to customers. To avoid this from happening take picture with both hands or rest it on top a table and position it to the angle you want to snap your picture. Even better use a phone tripod, bear in mind not all phone has a tripod design for its model.

3.    Set The Focus

This helps in making the image looks sharper. Simply tap the screen of your phone until a small square appear. Your subject should be in the square as this is the main point of the image. This will help viewer to focus their attention to where certain areas.

4.    Shoot From Different Perspectives

Take images from different angles and look at alternate points of view. Most beginners takes picture standing up, consider taking image from ground level or eagle view. Also take multiple shots, as sometimes you might capture what you did not realize at first.

It is the photographer not the camera.

5.    Settings 

Too many things in the background is distracting and makes the viewer lost focus to the main point of the image. If you have cluttered background, remove the objects as it causes distractions. Remove things like rubbish bin if it is in your image. Make your image look more appealing to customers.

6.    Avoid Zooming

If you are taking picture from a distance you might be tempted to zoom in to get a better focus of the picture. Zooming might cause the picture to pixelate. To avoid this, get closer to your subject. You can crop your image afterward.

7.    Avoid Using Flash

You are taking picture indoor, there is no excuse for it being dark. It is better to open the curtains rather than using artificial lighting. You want your picture to look natural. Using flash makes you image colour looks off. Always use natural light to illuminate your subject of your image.

8.    Take images Horizontally

It is better to take image of your house horizontally so that customers can get a better view. This is also a plus tips as images viewed on web is mostly horizontal. People view images from side to side not top to bottom. People view websites on desktop that is a horizontal medium.

Hope this tips helps!

(Credits: iGyaan, iMore, David Duncan Livingston)

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