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Useful Packing List When Travelling to Cameron Highland

By JeeShen Lee - Mar 02, 2015 (Last Updated Aug 26, 2020)

If you are the person who loves travelling, you must know the amount of time needed to pack and unpack. That is the worst kind of preparation compared to planning your itineraries, right? But do you have any clue on what to pack before you are going for a travel? More specifically, what would you need to pack when you are travelling to Cameron Highlands? You are lucky if you are staying in a hotel or guest houses that provide basic room amenities such as hair dryer, sewing kit, towel, shower kit, and more. This list is merely just a guideline, but in any way, you should personalize the list that suits you best.

• Long Trouser and Light Jacket or Jumper - Clothing to keep you warm because the climate in Cameron Highlands are cold and chilly especially at night. 


• Trekking Shoe with Socks- A pair of suitable shoes that can make you comfortable because there will be a lot of walking, slopes and stairs to climb. Don’t forget the socks too! Especially if you are planning to trek the famous Mossy Forest.

• Personal Belongings - Bring your lingerie and underwear.

• Toiletries and Feminine Hygiene – The important things that women have to remember.


• Medicine Supplies – Medicines ready for upset stomach, although it’s available in town. However, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. 

• Umbrella, Raincoat or Hat/Cap – Rain is the bane of holiday-makers. Just in case you run into a rainy weather then it will be very useful. You can bring your own hat or cap too if you are willing to.


• Sunscreen, SPF Lip Balm, Lotion and Sunglasses – Just for beauty’s sake. Protect you from the sun no matter at where. 

• Photo Equipment – There offers a wide variety of scenery with lot of plants and rainforest. Do not forget to bring your camera if you’re interested in photography, bring an extra memory card for camera and also charger too.

• Mobile phone charger – Don’t forget to take the charger with you if you bring your mobile phone along.

• Waterproof Money Container – Keep your money inside the container from being get wet.

• Water Bottle and Snacks – Something to munch while you wait for your next meal and since Cameron Highlands is cold, you might be feeling hungry most of the time. Snacks or tidbits won't hurt. 

*Tips: Make sure you pack your luggage as light as possible.

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