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Top 10 Safety Tips for Solo Traveler

By [email protected] - Jul 25, 2016 (Last Updated May 17, 2019)

Travelling alone can give yourself a chance to indulge yourself fully.

Tired of travelling with your friends and doing what they desire instead of yours? Despite that many travelers worry about travelling alone due to safety. Here are some safety tips to get you started. 

1.    Do not say that you are alone

If a stranger ask you who you are traveling with, tell them your friend/family/spouse is in the bathroom and will be out in a minute. If you are driving and lost, say that you are meeting up with a friend.

2.    Learn self-defense skills

Taking self defense classes is not only a wise decision for solo travelers but everyone. Learning how to defend yourself will not only get you out from dangerous situations but will make yourself feel more confident travelling alone.

3.    Pack light

It is better to carry a backpack walking alone instead of bringing two luggage, dragging it around you and getting attention from unwanted people around you.

4.    Do not bring valuable items

Leave your branded shoes, jewelry or your MacBook. Of course you would like to carry your camera around to take pictures. When out on a trip alone do not make it obvious that you are carrying your camera.

5.    Know which activities is suitable to be done alone

While you might think that trekking alone seems fine but it would take hours for someone to find you incase if you fall and slip. Despite that, you should not limit yourself from being adventurous.

Travelling alone can give you a whole new level of experiences.

6.    Limit Alcohol Consumption

Obviously traveling alone being drunk is not a good idea. Anyone could take advantage of you.

7.    Do not sleep on public transport

If you opt to take the bus or trains, be awake and aware of your surroundings. If you choose to wear earpiece, lower the volume of your music so that you know what is going around you.

8.    Avoid travelling during dark

Sure you would like to hang out in bars but it is better to arrive to your hotel room before midnight.

9.    Learn to say NO

If someone offers to carry your bag or give you a ride home just say NO. They might have no bad intention but better to be safe than sorry.

10.    Know your guts

Believe in your instinct. You know your own limit. If you feel like it is a bad idea to carry on this activity then don’t. If you want to be more adventurous, then go ahead.

Follow these safety tips to give you a solid foundation for travelling safely alone in the future. Happy travelling! If you want to book hotels or homestays online, click here.

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