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How To Plan For Travel During Work

By [email protected] - Nov 03, 2016 (Last Updated May 09, 2019)

Life is a Book. Those Who Do Not Travel, Read Only One Page

The end of the year is approaching, you have an opportunity to clear the leave. You’ve been longing to get tanned under the sun while sipping on juice while on your cruise to Hawaii or to explore the history of Rome like how you have always dreamed of. You might be planning a business trip for your boss through workplace travel plan and you yourself feel like it is time for you to spend some precious time away from your work desk or with your love ones on a family vacation. Whether it’s a visit to grandma’s, a relative’s wedding out of town, a gateway to Pulau Pangkor, a self-discovery travel to Sarawak National Park or just spend some time by yourself at the beach relaxing your mind. And here are some of the ways to start your own unofficial workplace travel plan in Malaysia right at your work desk! 

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Before you start google search the destination or flight ticket for your long-awaited trip, check out your company’s employee handbook to get some insights on how your company handles employee’s vacation leaves. Making sure that your vacation is aligned with the company’s procedures is very important.

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Next, as a dedicated, considerate and one hell of a team player employee, the next step is to think about your workload. If you are in any major projects, events or have a deadly deadline to catch, it would be best for you to push back your vacation dates so you can focus and deliver your work. As part of timing your perfect vacation, you do not want to book a vacation during the busiest time of the year. Is it okay to take a 2-week trip and let your colleagues fight the battle alone? Of course not! If you’re not sure when your company’s busy season is, ask a fellow employee. This will help ensure that your vacation will be stress-free. Keeping good relationships with your colleagues is also important after all.

Going for a vacation with your best buddy or colleague? Check out this article about 7 Types Of Friend You Travel With so you know which category your travel companion falls under.

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Another thing you need to consider is your vacation’s impact on your colleagues. When you are away having the time of your life on your trip, someone back at the office is bound to take up your work, and this is where Step 3 matters – to ask a colleague for a favor – to cover you during your time away and make sure you’d do the same when he/she takes their time off too!

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Now that you have taken into consideration of all of the above and have picked out the perfect dates for your next vacation, it is time to bring it up to your boss. Ask your boss in advance for him/her to fit in your vacation into the work schedule. Your boss will think that you are accommodating and will appreciate not being taken by surprise. If your vacation is approved, congratulations! If not, there is sure to be a perfectly good reason for your vacation request to be turned down.

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Now that you are on your way to your vacation, another extra measures to take is to make sure that you can be reached in case of work-related emergencies. Even though you are away and someone else is covering for you at the office, your work will be forever your responsibilities. So spare a minute or two checking your email in the mornings and make sure you can be contacted by phone!

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Why travel is important? In short, we all need a getaway to relax the mind and body and keep the mind fresh. Travel is the pursuit of a million ideas and the realization of one. Everyone should travel as much as travel unravels the beauties and the beasts of the unfamiliar world. Some say those who travel has a kaleidoscopic view of the world outside of their own, and it gives a broader sense of what existing world around us. If you have not decided which place to go for your next vacation, why not refer to some of our topics in our blogpost? Topics like Top 10 Beaches To Visit In Malaysia might give you an idea which place should be in your bucket list next. Or just head over to our Let’s Go Holiday page to look at some of the homestay or hotel to plan for your budget

Have any thoughts on why people should travel more or any personal experience when travelling? Share with us and other readers in the comment section below.

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