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Pulau Kukup Homestay

By [email protected] - Feb 21, 2019

Are you planning on an island trip in the coasts of Johor? Of all the hidden islands in Johor, have you ever heard of Pulau Kukup? No, never? Okay, no problem! How about if we learn a thing or two on Pulau Kukup and from there, spend some time in Pulau Kukup and stay in our Pulau Kukup Homestay

Pulau Kukup is located near to Pontian, Johor and it was designated as world heritage site on January 31st, 2003. The place is tranquil, with unfussy mangrove island and wetland habitat with wildlife and fishing docks. With 647 hectare mangrove forest and 800 hectare mud, Pulau Kukup is the biggest mangrove island in the world. 

You can reach Pulau Kukup from Pontian, which you can drive straight for 22 km without turning. The route will end and you will arrive at Kukup town. The town is small and quiet fisherman village with Chinese as majority. Most of the houses here in Kukup town are the traditional houses made from wood. You can walk around the town to go sightseeing and snap pictures before you set sail to Pulau Kukup via Kukup International Port. Here, you can witness tourists coming in and out from Indonesia busy hustling around the area as most of the ferry and cruise deport to and fro Indonesia. If you are the adventurous type, you can also travel to Indonesia by sea, but we will cover that part in another post. 

Once you've reached Pulau Kukup, you will need to pay entrance fee of RM5 to enter the Pulau Kukup National Park. There are attractive packages offered separately in Pulau Kukup such as cruise, kayaking and bird observation. Some of the things you can do in the national park are trekking on the paths, walk through a hanging bridge, enjoy the scenery around the observation deck and more. And if you have time, you can stop by before you leave the island nearby a Kelong, which you can buy freshly caught fish from the sea. 

Pulau Kukup is interesting, yes? After all that fun in the sun, you must be tired and need a place to stay. Well, lucky for you, we have listed out Pulau Kukup Homestay for your fun-filled journey. Let's check them out, shall we?

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