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5 Theme Parks For Kids In Johor Bahru

By [email protected] - Nov 16, 2016 (Last Updated Sep 23, 2020)

Johor Bahru is one of the Southern State in Malaysia. It is also one of the biggest state in Malaysia as well. There are a lot of interesting place to visit in Johor. You also can found a number of theme park in Johor. You can bring your children to visit at Johor Bahru theme park during the holidays. Visit these places in Johor.

1. Legoland Malaysia

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Legoland Malaysia is the first lego theme park in Johor Bahru. It starts operating in 2012. You can found theme park and water park in Legoland. There are a lot of different activities in different park to play with family. The activities such as Joker Soaker, Wave Pool, Tidal Tube and others. These places definitely are the heaven for those water park lovers.

When you feel tired after playing at the water park, you can take a rest in the Miniland which located at the theme park. There is a lot of building attraction such as Angkor Wat, The Forbidden City and Great Wall, Kuala Lumpur and others. These building are built by Lego. If you wish to buy something from here, you can go to the shop or mini market inside the theme park.

You can have your meal in the Legoland as they offer a lot of healthy and delicious food and snacks. Don’t worry if you feel hungry when you are in the water park. You can find Beach Grill and Brick Café.

You can buy the ticket via their official website. Don’t miss a chance to bring your family members to visit here.

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2. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour)

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Hello Kitty in the town. You can visit Hello Kitty in Malaysia. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is located at Puteri Harbour. Hello Kitty Town is one of the indoor theme park Johor Bahru. There is a lot of activities provided.

Hello Kitty in Oz is the activities that newly launched. There is fixed time slot to enter. You have to follow the group if you wish to enter other than the time slot provided. Mirror maze serve as the ‘entrance’ before you go in. There are some games that suitable for children to play in this session. There is a Hello Kitty to record the games that won inside. Once you exit, you’ll never get in again. So, take your time to explore.

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You can do other activities with your family like create your own souvenir at Wishful Studio, watch the performance by Hello Kitty and Friends at the Purrfect Stage, and take photos with Hello Kitty at the Dream Photo Garden.

If you want to try something else, Tea Cup Rides is your choice. You can have a ride with your family member. Spin it with your laughter.

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Pay a visit if you are huge fans of Hello Kitty. If you don’t really like Hello Kitty, do visit also as this a wonder place for family gathering.

3. Thomas Town Johor (Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park)

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Thomas Town is nearby Hello Kitty Town. Thomas Town is located at Puteri Harbour. This is an indoor theme park at Johor Bahru.

You can have a ride with your family with different kind of transport such as Bertile the Bus, Harold’s Helitours Ride, Knapford Station Thomas Train Ride and so on. If you want to view the whole scenery of Island of Sodor, you can try Windmill Ride and Colin Crane Drop Ride. Different of ride give you different experience.

If you want have a peaceful viewing of the whole scenery, you can try Windmill Ride. Other characters such as Barney, Bob the Builder, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina can be found in Thomas Town. You can take a rest at Mc Bunn Café to restore your energy. Before you leave Thomas Town, buy some souvenir at Thomas + Friends Merchandise. Have fun with Thomas and Friends that provide in the Thomas Town.

4. Austin Heights’ Water and Adventure Park

This is one of the water theme park Mount Austin. This is another option for your children. If you have kids below 12 years old, they can play at the TOTs play, splash pool, lazy pool and wave pool. The water park definitely is the heaven for kids. The other attraction such as the adventure park and sports and leisure park is suitable for the teenager. Pay a visit at this theme parks in Austin.

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5. TS Wonderland Indoor Water Park

TS Wonderland Indoor Water Park is one of new theme park in Johor. This water park is located at Pasir Gudang. This is one of the indoor theme park Johor Bahru. You can bring your children visit at this indoor water park.

Don’t worry about the sunshine and also rainy day. They provide water park and also space adventure. Kids below 12 years old is suitable to play at here. All the facilities are in the indoor and is suitable for young children to play. The fee for entering the park also is affordable as well.

Photo Credit to (http://tourism.johor.my/tours/ts-wonderland)

Photo Credit to (http://tourism.johor.my/tours/ts-wonderland)

For those parents with kids, the 5 places are the ideal place to go during long weekends or school holidays. And for those who are living in Johor, there are more than 1 theme parks to bring your kids to because now you have the options.

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