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Top 15 Homestays Ipoh Near Town

By [email protected] - Dec 10, 2018 (Last Updated Jan 02, 2020)

Welcome to Ipoh!

The capital of Perak, flanked by towering white cliffs which forms an ideal place for magnificent cave temples that pocketed within the limestone. Nevertheless, Ipoh charms with its street art and street food. Here are some travel guides for you to explore this hidden gem of a city.


But before we show you the tips for travel, let me first introduce you the main element of this blog. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, here are several homestays choices which we pre-picked as the top 15 for you to glance on, selectively for your large pax of friends and family.


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Back to our travel guide here! Let's see what we have...

First of all, you got to visit the magnificent Ipoh cave temple, simply because it is a hot check-in point.

  • Sam Poh Tong temple
  • Perak Tong temple
  • Kek Lok Tong temple

Next, never miss these amazing attraction sites, and soak up their amazing heritage arts.

1. Street Art - Mural Arts Lane

Photo source: TripGourmets

2. Concubine Lane

Photo source: iPack Travel

3. Kellie’s Castle

An unfinished and ruined mansion in the south of Ipoh. Today, Kellie’s Castle is a proper Ipoh tourist attraction, used as a setting for the movie Anna and the King in 1999.

Photo source: TripGourmets

For more, check out these 10 must-visit places in Ipoh

Nevertheless, FOOD GUIDE! (I know you have been waiting for this)

  • Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken Restaurant
  • Restoran Hainam
  • Happy Delicious Salted Chicken
  • Restaurant Ming Court
  • Funny Mountain Soya Bean
  • Nam Heong Ipoh Soho (served by robots! How interesting!)
  • Madam Wongs Hidden Bar (Secret Tip: Dragon’s Breath)

Check out our 12 Food Guide In Ipoh for more details.

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