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7 Best Hotel Near Cenang Mall

By [email protected] - Jan 18, 2019 (Last Updated Jan 22, 2019)

Planning on a vacation to Langkawi? But still undecided on what are the things to do while you're in Langkawi and where to go to?  Worry not, how about if we're to suggest you to go on a shopping spree in Cenang Mall, Langkawi. And while you're at it, spend a night as we'll have a list of 7 best hotel near Cenang Mall for your convenience.

But why Cenang Mall you ask? Cenang Mall is truly an underrated and undermined shopping destination in Langkawi especially when Langkawi as a duty-free zone (no surprises to see one too many shopping plazas and markets around Langkawi). But undeniably Cenang Mall provides a more comfortable shopping experience. Less crowded mall = more comfortable shopping experience. Win-win situation right?

But don't be too early to judge by saying a less frequented mall means it is a boring mall. Totally not true! Cenang Mall hosts a number of famous eateries such as Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, The Loaf bakery, Old Town White Coffee as well as a Japanese restaurant named Wakaba. Besides that, you can also do some souvenir shopping for your loved ones here. 

Opening Hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

Address: Jalan Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi (Google Map)

After a whole day shopping, swimming in the sea and sun bathing (FYI, Cenang Beach is only nearby! Cenang Beach is the most popular beach here in Langkawi with countless of visitors lounging on the beach) we're sure you must be dead beat tired and in need of some R&R. As promised, below we have listed out 7 best hotel near Cenang Mall. Come, let's check them out! 

MYR 149.00 /night

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If you feel our list for 7 best hotel near Cenang Mall Langkawi could not satiate your hotel selections, then click on the photos above to direct you to the complete accommodation list in Langkawi.

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