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Hotel Near Langkawi Cable Car

By [email protected] - Jan 03, 2019

Langkawi Cable Car (aka Langkawi SkyCab) is surely one of the most spectacular cable car rides in the world due to the stunning backdrop of the 450 million-year-old Matchincang mountain range.

Bringing you an unforgettable thrill you will ever experience, this ride to the top of Mount Matchincang takes you to a height of 708 meters in about 15 minutes through the steepest cable car gradient in the world and offering breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, islands and the Andaman Sea. 

Your cable car journey departs at the base station, which is the entrance located in The Oriental Village in the upper northwest of Langkawi Island nearby Pantai Kok. You will enter the village and pass through the pleasant oriental garden and souvenir shops, then purchase your ticket before stepping onto an escalator which brings you to the cable-car pedestal. The gondolas (cable cars) keep arriving in every half a minute, with a capacity of 6 people. 


As the cable car is moving non-stop, the Langkawi Cable Car immediately ascends once you step in, so you really have to hop into your seat. You will begin to feel the temperature dropping and get a cool breeze flowing into the cabin through the ventilation slit. 

After around 600 metres, the cable car reaches the middle station, where you disembark to either take another cable car up to the peak or lull around the observatory deck and admire the marvelous surroundings. Most will not spend too long here, as the view from the peak is even more breathtaking.

When stepping out to the top station, your excitement now begins. You can finally enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding horizon; the island’s landscape, skyline and seas beyond. At the side is the Langkawi Skybridge, a steel curved bridge suspended across Mount Mat Cincang and a neighbouring mountain. Walking across this bridge is a fantastic experience and offers a different viewpoint of the island and the sea towards the north.

There is a walking trail known as Sky Trail from the top station that goes down to the middle station and then all the way down to the base station and also to Seven Wells (Telaga Tujuh) waterfall. The trail goes through forested land and the entire stretch is about 2.2kms. For those who enjoy jungle trekking, you will definitely love this.


After showing you a glance of the journey to Langkawi Cable Car, it's time to settle down. Let's see the list of hotels near Langkawi Cable Car, with our promise to giving you an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

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Operating Hours of Langkawi SkyCab:

10am-7pm (Mon-Thurs)

9.30am-7pm (Fri-Sun)

12noon-7pm (Wed)

Ticket price:

RM 45 per adult, RM 30 per child. (Including Skydome) **For Malaysian citizens with Mykad cards, show your I.C. to enjoy lower rates.

Express ticket RM 95 per person

Before leaving the Langkawi Cable Car, do pick up some souvenirs at the top station or base station before continuing your adventures in exploring Langkawi!

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