17 Top Homestay Johor Bahru With Swimming Pool Featured Image

17 Top Homestay Johor Bahru With Swimming Pool

By [email protected] - Dec 13, 2018 (Last Updated Nov 11, 2019)

If you were given the option to choose your holiday destination in Malaysia, where would it be? Would you pick Penang? Langkawi? Port Dickson? Or how about if we suggest you Johor Bahru aka JB? To put the cherry on top, how about we suggest you and your family or your good friends to these list of 17 top homestays in Johor Bahru with Swimming Pool? Can we hear a heck yeah?

First things first, let us talk about Johor Bahru. I mean, you oughta know about your destination first before anything, right? 

Johor Bahru, or better known as JB, is the capital of Johor state. It is located south of the Malay Peninsular and sandwiched between Singapore. Long gone the days where people labelled Johor as "boring, dirty and chaotic border town" as now the city has been repaved and replanted and is well on the way to rebrand itself.

With world-class entertainment theme park located in JB, Legoland and Hello Kitty Town, to numerous hipsters cafe along Dhoby Road for your insta-worthy selfie spots. Johor Bahru definitely has a lot to offer.

Speaking of something to offer, as mentioned earlier, check out our list for 17 top homestay in Johor Bahru with swimming pool that comes with special discounts offer! Don't wait any longer, scroll down to see!

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