Don't miss it! When you go Cameron Highland Featured Image

Don't miss it! When you go Cameron Highland

By JeeShen Lee - Apr 07, 2015 (Last Updated Aug 26, 2020)
Cameron Highlands is Malaysia's largest and best-known hill resort. Nestling the borders of Pahang and Perak provinces are the Cameron Highlands. Walks through lovely little villages, visits to the butterfly, strawberry, honey bee farms and sprawling tea plantations or meals at the delightful Tudor-styled country inns, are all pleasurable and relaxing activities to be experienced here. You can't beat the weather up here. A few days out of the sweltering lowland heat will surely recharge your batteries.

Biggest Tea Plantation at Southeast Asia

A visit to Cameron Highlands would not be complete without a visit to a tea plantation. With its cool climate and hilly terrain, the Camerons is Malaysia's leading tea growing area. There are four major tea estates in the Cameron namely Boh Tea Estate, Sungai Palas Tea Estate, Farlie Estate and Cameron Bharat Plantations.                                              

Rafflesia flower

A half an hour walk through Bamboo Forest and Hill Dipterocarp Forest will take you to the Rafflesia flower. Several tour shops bring you to see the Rafflesia Flower but make sure it comes with a 4WD taking you into the forest and saving you an hour's mud trek.


Orang Asli Village (Aborigine's Village) 

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An insight to the Orange Asli's lifestyle and culture! For those who are interested to know more about the 'Semai' tribe, who practices 'shifting cultivation'. Visits to Orang Asli villages deep in the forest of Cameron Highlands is now available.


Mossy Forest 

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The forests of the high mountains of Cameron Highlands are able to strip moisture from the clouds, hence referred to as 'cloud-forests' or 'mossy-forests'. Here the general appearance of the forest trees tends to be dwarfed to about 10m tall.There are also large numbers of mosses, liverworts, ferns and fern allies, as well as, pitcher plants, rhododendrons and wild orchids associated with these forests.These forests are often likened by the locals to the mystic forest of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.


Cactus Farm 

Newly built tourist attraction with numerous types of cactus on show. Its hillside location makes for interesting viewing of the cactus and other plants which include Strawberries, Roses, Apple & Peach trees, Orchids, Cherry Tomatoes etc.


Strawberry Farm

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There are a number of strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. Always worth a visit for their novelty value and the chance to taste strawberries and ice cream! Some strawberry farms will let you pluck your own strawberries and charge you according to the weight.


Time Tunnel Museum

Time Tunnel, was a museum featuring Cameron evolution since its pioneers to today. If you want to know more about the history behind Cameron Highlands. Photographs that depict the past are from personal collections of the locals who have been there since the pre-war days. You may also find out some familiar items from the old days.


Lata Iskandar Waterfall

The area around the waterfall is scenic as the beautiful walkways hugging the slope of the ravine. Dramatic with the roar of the waterfall. Beside seeing its presence, there were no suitable spot for picnic or provision for trekking beside the waterways!


Lake House and Smokehouse

A romantic british styled location. A very quiet place for enjoyable evenings at the fire place. A comprehensive selection of important cultural, historic, and tourist attractions. Storied past, having been constructed by a retired British Army Officer in 1966. 

Gunung Brinchang

Gunung Brinchang is the second highest mountain in Cameron Highlands (after Gunung Irau) at 2000 meters above sea level.                        

Honey Bee Farm 

Where there are flowers, there are bees, so the saying goes and this cannot be more apt here in Cameron Highlands. Being the largest producer of temperate cut flowers in South East Asia, it makes good sense to rear bees for the honey.


Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple in Brinchang is the largest religious structure in Cameron Highlands, nestled on a small hill top at the back of town.


Butterfly Farms

Butterfly Farm is a tourist attraction at Kea Farm in Brinchang - a display of live butterflies, insects and animals similar to Butterfly Garden next door. The name is really a misnomer, as the park does not 'farm' butterflies by breeding and cultivating them. 


Rose Garden

Beside enjoying the Beside enjoying the splendour rose blooming of 100 over varieties in every imaginable colour, you'll also be fascinated as you venture through an exhilarating hourney of various cultural murals, colourful stone sculptures which blends well with the landscaping. rose blooming of 100 over varieties in every imaginable colour, you'll also be fascinated as you venture through an exhilarating journey of various cultural murals, colourful stone sculptures which blends well with the landscaping.


Hydroponic Vegetable Farm (Greenhouses) 

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Terrestrial plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral nutrient solution only or in an inert medium, such as perlite, gravel, mineral wool, or coconut husk.


Lavendar Garden

The Lavender Garden is the latest addition to the multitude of farms in Cameron Highlands. As we drive along the road, it is impossible to miss this impressive sea of flowers and possibly the most massive one too in Cameron Highlands.                                        

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