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Top 10 Must-Eat Food In Negeri Sembilan

By [email protected] - Oct 03, 2016 (Last Updated Jul 10, 2020)

There are many things to eat in Negeri Sembilan especially in Seremban. The state may not be known for its tourism trait, however, there are list of good food which can be found here. After all, food is the easiest way to your heart. Yes? Here is a list of places you must visit to try these unique delicious foods:

1. Seremban Siew Pau (non-Halal)

First of all, we have the famed baked bun, also known as “Siew Pau” which is a crispy and flaky butter pastry bun filled with savoury sweet roasted pork (char siew). It is pleated just like a steamed pau (steamed bun) except it is baked in the oven. 

Address: Empayar Seremban Siew Pau, LG1-57, Tingkat Bawah Tanah, Taman Bukit Kepayang, Negeri Sembilan, Seremban, 70200 (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM - Midnight

Contact: 06-601 6308

2. Cendol (Halal)

Haji Sharrif Cendol is a six layers of sweetness all blended together in one delicious bowl. The cendol had interesting textures too with a mix of syrupy smooth, mushy, sticky and gently crunchy.

Address: Haji Shariff’s Cendol, No. 44, Jalan Yam Tuan, Seremban, Malaysia (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM (close on Fridays)

Contact: +606-7628505

3. Pasembur (Halal)

Pasembur is an Indian rojak which has shredded fresh cucumber, turnip, bean sprouts, potatoes, prawn fritters and fried bean curd (with a hardboiled egg thrown in). It is topped off with sesame seeds to enhance the flavor.

Address: Haji Shariff’s Cendol, No. 44, Jalan Yam Tuan, Seremban, Malaysia (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM (close on Fridays)

Contact: +606-7628505

4. Curry Chicken Bun (non-Halal)

[Image via]

Curry Chicken Bun, also known as Lucky King Bun is a hot bun served with savoury curry to dip the bread. Each bite is to be savoured as the curry consists of potatoes wrapped in a gigantic bun. This unique dish is also a hit among locals and foreigners of all ages.

Address: Lucky King Bun, 28 & 29, Jalan MPK 6, Medan Perdagangan Kepayang, 70200 Seremban (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 10:00PM (close on Tuesdays)

Contact: +603-6311755

5. Hakka Mee (Non-halal)

[Image via Findbulous Travel]

Hakka Mee is a famous cuisine in Seremban. This dish is made of homemade noodles, which explains its springiness, and topped with minced meat. Seasoned with light sauce and sesame oil, this simple bowl of noodle is enough to satisfy your hunger for the day.

Address: No.810, Pasar Besar, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 24 hours (close on Saturdays and Sundays)

Contact: +606-6476690

6. Beef Noodles (non-Halal)

[Image via nksyoon]

Seremban beef noodles are homemade daily with no preservatives. The dry version consists of with slices of beef tendon, tripe, lean meat, as well as a thick, spicy gravy made by braising beef for hours and topped with peanuts, salted vegetables, and sesame seeds.

Address: King’s Beef Noodle, Jalan Dr Krishnan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 9:30AM – 3:30PM (close on Tuesdays)

Contact: +6012-654 9467

7. Baked Crab (non-Halal)

[Image via Huislaw]

The uniqueness of Seremban Baked Crab is that it their sauce sticks on the shell and seeps into the meat which makes the meat juicy and sweet. Nothing can explain the thrill and the satisfaction of success in removing the claw shell without damaging the crab meat.

Address: Seremban Seafood Village, Jalan Tuanku Munawir, Seremban, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 1:00PM – 1:00AM (Mon – Sat), 12:00PM – 12:00AM (Sun)

Contact: +606-7641260

8. Nasi Padang (Halal)

[Image via maslindaharun]

Not to be confused with normal Malay dishes. This dishes can be very spicy and not recommended for those who have faint stomach. There are more than 20 dishes for you to choose over here ranging from chicken to fish even gado gado.

Address: Restoran Nasi Padang Ummi, Jalan Tun Dr Ismail, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Google Maps)

Contact: +6019-3821939

9. Mee Hoon Sotong (non-Halal)

[Image via ginmei]

This is another specialty in Negeri Sembilan. It is rice vermicelli (bihun) which is cooked in abalone broth, topped with big pieces of cuttlefish and slices of braised pork. There are several stalls where you can get your hands on this delicious meal.

Address: Stall 753 (Hioong Kee), Jalan Tuanku Munawir, Bandar Seremban, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 7:30AM – 2:30PM

Contact: +6016-9107357

10. Satay Minang (Halal)

[Image via Kisah Tatie]

You will be able to savour this dish only at night because the shop opens only at night. Satay Minang is made from intestines such as liver and pair it off with a creamier sauce which is different from the ordinary satay gravy.

Address: In front of shop lot No. 3, Jalan Dato Abdul Rahman, Pekan Seremban

(Via: PortdicksonKualiHuislawSaysOpenRiceWanista)

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