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Top 20 Homestays in Kuala Lumpur With Swimming Pool

By [email protected] - Dec 03, 2018 (Last Updated Dec 11, 2019)

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and indeed carries the status true to its' values. Driving into the city, you'd never for a minute missed all the skyscrapers surrounding the city from apartments to office buildings to hotels, it is very much a concrete jungle. If you're thinking what does a city center has to offer from a tourism angle? You'll be overwhelmed with the answers.

Dubbed as Southeast Asia's shopping paradise, retail outlets in Kuala Lumpur ranges from cheap local goods to designers' brands, there are really way too many brands to shop from that you might not even know where to start. As a matter of fact, Mastercard Destination Cities Index ranks Kuala Lumpur as the 8th destination in the world in terms of visitors spend at USD 7.2 billion spent in 2016. We can only imagine how much the figure has grown since then.

A suggestion for you, If you will be in Kuala Lumpur for a long period, you should consider taking a day off exploring the city to just pamper yourself at the comfort of your accommodation which is why the need for this blog post, specifically cater to readers that want to have the luxury of a swimming pool. So then you might ask, why not a hotel?

Yes, it is true that most hotels do usually have a swimming pool facility so there is no need to specifically search for accommodation with a swimming pool. However, swimming pools in hotels are usually occupied by other guests so with a private swimming pool in a homestay, you would have it all to yourself at any time without time constraint. 


If you are worry of having to pay extra for a private swimming pool in a homestay, just take a look below. You will find the list below is more than affordable. Better start packing now.

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If you saw a property that fits your budget and most importantly is of your liking, do not hesitate any longer. It could be fully booked very soon! However, if nothing suits you, try browsing through our list of the best accommodation in Kuala Lumpur. You could be in for a bargain there. Click on the image below for more information. 

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