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Best Hotels in Cameron Highlands For Honeymoon

By [email protected] - Oct 17, 2018 (Last Updated Jun 21, 2019)

Being a household name in Malaysia's tourism, Cameron highlands did an amazing job in standing out among other big names in tourism like Genting Highlands, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Redang and so on without much of an investment. The key to Cameron's success really lies in the optimal usage of agricultural knowledge in plantations with a splash of aesthetic. Therefore, Cameron Highlands would be an appealing option for honeymoon to some as it offers an escape from the all-day bustling town to a peaceful and rejuvenating highland. What better way to start a marriage than to journey through hills of plant immersing into what nature has to offer, raw yet refreshing.

Here are just few of the best hotels in Cameron highlands for Honeymoon to contribute positively in making the toughest decision of any travel, where to stay?

Cameron Highlands Resort 

Photo credit: Cameron Highland Resort

Cameron Highlands Resort, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, lush rolling hills, Tudor-styled cottages and with a view of the 18-hole golf course, is perfectly situated for explorations and invigorating countryside hikes. Guest Services team will be happy to provide further local information during your stay. Among the facilities available for hotel guests are a grand ballroom, reading room, Highlands Bar and a tea room, making your honeymoon a rather memorable one.

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Website : Cameron Highlands Resort

Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands 

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A 4-star hotel, Copthorne Hotel offers a choice of 316 full-service guest rooms and apartments, all furnished with modern amenities. With scenic views of the surrounding nature, an indoor heated pool, multiple meeting rooms, and a range of dining options at the peak of the highlands, your stay here will be nothing less than honeymoon-worthy. 

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MYR 135.00 /night

Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands 

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Cooling breeze that is complimented with a strong sensation of tranquility and calm is where Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands is. A peaceful adventure that is great to shelter your weary soul! Sitting elegantly in the land of Tanah Rata, the largest town in Cameron Highlands and 2km before Brinchang, the resort is just 4 minutes walk away from Tanah Rata Bus Station. It is also just walking distance away from the prominent Cameron Bharat Plantation, and Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation. Furthermore, Century Pines Resort promise you a glimpse of peacefulness that you will crave for each time you visit the calming land of Cameron Highlands by offering you an unforgettable journey that will tingle your travelling sense. 

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Website : Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands 

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

Photo credit: The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands is an amazing rural Tudor style boutique hotel that offers guests rustic charm and comfort in abundance. Its' not really a holiday experience if hotels provide you with an experience close to home, sure it has some logic behind it being that people might feel the most comfortable at a homely environment but then again, don't you want something different that could potentially be an eye-opener? Here at The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, you are definitely in for an experience of a lifetime, ensuring your honeymoon stay a particularly special one. From its' interior design to the front desk employee, nothing is ordinary.

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