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By [email protected] - Sep 25, 2018 (Last Updated Apr 09, 2019)

Softinn Solutions Sdn. Bhd. runs Our portal attracts 60,000 page views a month. Most of them looking for travel-related contents e.g. place to stay, food hunt, shopping etc.

We would like to offer advertisement space on our site for Free. We plan to do so until we hit 100,000 unique visitors a month.

To enhance our readers' experience, your ads will show up only on content that is relevant. For example:

Your Ads: Big Momma Car Rental

Show up on our Content: Top 8 Best Kota Kinabalu Car Rental Services

To Advertise

  1. Prepare an advertisement image of size 320 pixels x 320 pixels
  2. Send your image to [email protected] with the following details
    • Ads Title:
    • Hyperlink of Your Ads:
  3. Please use " Advertisement" as your email subject

What happens after you send us the email

  1. On a weekly basis, we will process your requests and upload them to our portal.

Who is not eligible for the above service

  • We do NOT offer the above service to our existing merchants (Hotels, Homestays, Resorts etc) because we have a better plan for you - Your listing will show up on some of the content. For example Beautiful Resorts For Long Weekends In Malaysia

UPDATE 2019: 

We have now reached our target, 100,000 average monthly website visitors! 

We are offering advertisement packages at highly affordable rates. Click here to know more about our advertisement package. 


Softinn Team

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