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The Touch City, Melaka (Auyin-Hill Resort)

By [email protected] - Dec 27, 2016 (Last Updated Oct 19, 2018)

In 9 September 2016, The Touch City, a Chinese cultural based theme park, was introduced to public with its brand new concept under the leading of its Founder, Mr. Chong Wee Chau, comparing to the previous Auyin-Hill Resort.

This brand-new concept hopes to propagate the legacy of both Chinese culture and Nanyang customs, advocate the culture of right path, and most importantly, promote the sense of goodness such as filial obedience among the children.

Since its opening, The Touch City has managed to attract thousands of happy tourists that are excited and amazed with the scenic attractions. These attractions not only provide them with exciting photography experience, but is also educative and informative.

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1. “Men” Zhi

Their signature door that could be found in the entrance to The Touch City is actually a Chinese word character pronounce as ‘Men’, which mean bring the meaning of door in Chinese.

During the 90’s, this Chinese character was known as the largest ‘Men’ word in Melaka. Thus, it was recorded in the Melaka Book of Record. To date, they preserve this signature attraction with the hope to create nostalgia feel where it could be one of the greatest and memorable visit during the 90’s.

2. Confucius

Confucius is a well-known educator and philosopher where his teaching emphasizes on morality, social relationship, justice and sincerity.

He accepts and teaches people from various levels of life, and therefore, he has students from various background. This has granted him “Model Teacher for Ten Thousand Ages”.

Its philosophy discusses elements of the afterlife and views concerning Heaven, but relatively unconcerned with spiritual matters. It was part of the Touch City effort to bring awareness to the public on their well-being attitude as well appreciating him as their forever teacher

3. Green Dragon

Malaysia is regarded to be under the protection of the East Sea dragon, as Malaysia is located in the Eastern World. According to the Chinese Mythology, the Dragon Prince, Ao Bing was assassinated by Prince Nezha, who was cleansing himself at the neighbouring stream.

As a matter of respect to the Dragon Prince, they had him here. With the hope of spilling waves that would turn into golden flower, they had a wish that this sculpture bring us peace and harmony.

4. The Smiling Buddha

Buddhism believes that Maitreya Buddha is the pro-given inheritance of Sakyamuni Buddha. Smiling Buddha symbolizes the spirit of compassion, tolerance, and optimism. Maitreya Buddha is known as the image of Buddha, and to remind others to have respectful heart.

With this sculpture, The Touch City wish to remind everyone the need of controlling personal desires by one’s limitations in achieving self-fulfilment and positivity.

5. The Flaming and Snowy Phoenix

Fire attributed phoenix is the third most powerful phoenix from all. It may bring shine (positive energy) and drought (negative energy).

Snow attributed phoenix is the fourth most powerful phoenix. It brings snow (breath out) and froze (breath in). Fire phoenix represent reborn and hope; Snow phoenix represents motherly nature and purity.

Two Heavenly members fall in love with each other and punished by Jade Emperor to be two restrictive attributes of phoenix. They can only see each other distantly. The love depicted implies The Touch City hope of bringing respect towards the sense of love.

6. The Imperial of Dragon

The Imperial dragon sculpture is one of the greatest symbol in The Touch City as the idea of the creation came from the founder. The founder first dream of a dragon flying to the sky, and this has given him a great inspiration to build a dragon sculpture.

From the past, there is a belief that Chinese are descendants of the dragon. With this wonderful sculpture build in The Touch City, it signifies the specialty of The Touch City as well as offering memorable and remarkable photography experience.   

7. Buddhist Stupa’s Monument

Have you ever seen our Buddhist's Stupas Monument?

Yes! The Touch City stupa is based on the Tibetan Pagoda.

Stupa is of the language of Sanskrit, Whereas Chorten is of the language of Tibetan. The large Buddha Stupa is built in The Touch City to symbolize the Buddha eight stages of life in the teaching of Buddism. Thus, their eight pagodas could be divided into:

  1. Lotus Blossom Stupa, refers to the birth of Gautama when his steps sprang up various lotuses in 7 of its steps.
  2. Enlightenment Stupa, symbolizes the 35-year-old of Gautama Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree manifested by Mara.
  3. Stupa of Many Doors, represents the Four Noble Truths, the Siz Paramitas, the Noble Eightfold Path, and the Twelve Nidanas.
  4. Stupa of Descent from the God Realm, commemorates the summer retreat of Buddha to the Tusita Heaven where his mother had taken rebirth.
  5. Stupa of Great Miracles, signifies the empowerment of Buddha's maras in performing miracles.
  6. Stupa of Reconciliation, commemorates the Buddha's resolution of a dispute among the sangha.
  7. Stupa of Complete Victory, shows the prolongation of Buddha's life by 3-months which are circular and unadorned.
  8. Stupa of Nirvana, potraits the death of Buddha when he was 80 years old symbolizing his complete absorption into the highest state of mind

8. Heavenly Supreme Incense

The creation of the Largest Incense in The Touch City is to signify the human appreciation and respect to the heaven in giving us peace and harmony.

We also known this Heavenly Supreme Incense depicting its specialty in terms of its size and it could hardly be found in elsewhere unless in The Touch City.

9. Turtle Dragon

Dragon Turtle is one of the Chinese legendary symbol with the head of dragon and the body of turtle. Turtle symbolizes longevity whereas the dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination.

For Dragon Turtle by itself, it indicates responsibilities, patience, longevity, and status. Dragon Turtle in The Touch City bares the vision of The Touch City Founder that was crafted on its stone tablet that reflects on importance of living in unity, sincerity, and kindness. It is believed that these qualities may form a peaceful and harmonic living.

10. Prince Siddharta

The Prince Siddharta has once had a hope, the hope to be the teacher for not only mankind.

How do we imply his hope with this story?

After walking for 7-steps when he was born, both of his fingers pointed up and down indicating his hope. His hope to be the teacher for every mankind. From this figurine, we wish to bring up the importance of sincerity and perseverance.

As the Prince has once had a hope to be the teacher for all, he never hesitate in moving forward to understand the real world by going through various obstacles.

Ticket Pricing:

RM 38.00 – Adult

RM 20.00 – Children (applicable for students up to University standards) & Senior Citizen (Age 60 and above) All visitors fall on this segments are require to show IC or student ID

The Touch City also offers sensational dining experience. All visitors could dine-in at Mun Restaurant, managed by our talented Chef. Our Chef was previously Master Chef in one of the branch administered by Grand Imperial Group, and all food served are vegetarian. Check out some of the chef’s recommended dish and some pictures to make you hungry for more!

Check out the GPS location to the entrance and if you need further information, do contact them at: 


MC 13, Simpang Gading, Durian Tunggal, 76100 Melaka.

GPS Coordinates         

2°19'48.7"N 102°19'03.6"E

Contact Number:


Operational Hours:

10am to 6pm (Monday – Friday)

9am to 6pm (Saturday – Sunday)

*Free parking for all vehicles.

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