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Sungai Melaka International Festival 2018

By [email protected] - Nov 02, 2018 (Last Updated Aug 03, 2020)

Sungai Melaka International Festival (or Festival Antarabangsa Sungai Melaka, in BM) is Melaka State Government event and have been organized yearly by the Melaka River & Coastal Development Corporation (PPSPM) since 2007. The event was known as Melaka River Fiesta (Pesta Sungai Melaka) before and it was changed to Sungai Melaka International Festival on 2014.  Being the melting pot of various customs and tradition, the Sungai Melaka International Festival showcases many cultural performances and products. There are numerous types of activities which consisting of international and domestic level programmes with participation of local and foreign individual or team in various categories. 

Take a look of list of activities happening throughout this month-long festival (happening from November 2nd and ends on December 2nd

Nov 2 - 4: Melaka International Remote Control Power Boat Race

Nov 8 : Sungai Melaka International Conference

Nov 16 - 19: International Yacht Exhibition

Nov 22: Yassin & Tahlil Recital

Nov 23: FASM 2018 Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

Nov 23 - 30: Food Truck

Nov 23 - 30: Professional Drawing & Photography Contest

Nov 23 - 30: Paramotor Air Venture

Nov 24: FASM 2018 Opening Ceremony

Nov 24 - 25: Historical Epic Theatre : Parameswara

Nov 24 - 25: Decorated Boat Competition

Nov 25: Sungai Melaka International Marathon 2018

Nov 25: Safety Bike Ride & Half Marathon

Nov 25: Sprint Canoe Competition

Nov 26: Poem Declamation

Nov 26: Sungai Melaka Treasure Hunt

Nov 26: Cooking Competition with Celebrity Chef

Nov 27: Mr Body Beautiful

Nov 28: Decorated Trishaw Show with Guest Artist & Traditional Costume Exhibition

Nov 29: FASM 2018 Closing Ceremony Rehearsal

Nov 29: Islamic Forum

Nov 30: 10,000 Steps & Health Exhibition

Nov 30: Mega Wedding 2018

Dec 1: FASM 2018 Closing Ceremony

Dec 2: Dragon Boat Race 2018

For more information, head out to to find out more on the events listed above!

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