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Perlis East Wind Festival 2019

By [email protected] - Jan 28, 2019 (Last Updated Nov 19, 2019)

Perlis East Wind Festival is the top three most popular traditional cultural events in Malaysia. This year, it will be held at Kompleks DUN, Persiaran Wawasan, Kangar Perlis for 3 days from 1 to 3 March 2019. This festival signifies and celebrates transition from cool weather to dry and windy weather in each year, which is also the post-harvest season for paddy farmers in Perlis. It is aimed to promote local cultural activities of traditional Malay communities to visitors.

The previous years’ festivals had successfully attracted more than 300,000 visitors, both local and foreigners. For the Perlis Government, this festival could boost the state’s gross income for more than RM500,000 and has been listed in Tourism Malaysia’s annual cultural events calendar.

Visitors will have a chance to play various traditional games played by farmers since years ago. The games are recreational activities after spending hard laborious time at the paddy field for the season before starting on work for the next season. Games are played at the muddy paddy fields where paddy has been harvested. These games also bring the farmers and villagers together for a cheerful celebration. 

The activities are competitions for hand-catching freshwater fish, eel and ducks, fishing competition, ‘metal buffalo’ race, a modern rendition of buffalo race but using a tractor or plough at 100 m distance. The highlight is the ‘’Strong Farmer’’ competition, a test for strength to see who can hold up the greatest number of heavy rice sacks at time.

Other activities include funfair, batik painting, rice threshing and rice hulling, and more. Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste Perlis traditional dishes. There will be traditional cultural performances as well.

 Perlis’s East Wind Festival is jointly organised by Perlis state government’s National Department for Culture and Arts, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and various state agencies and non-governmental agencies.

Date: 1 to 3 March 2019

Time: 10.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m.

Venue: Kompleks DUN, Persiaran Wawasan, Kangar Perlis

Phone number: +60 49793600/ +60 49793604

Website: Pesta Angin Timur Perlis 

Have a look at the video below for the games and activities held in 2018's Perlis East Wind Festival.

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