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LetsGoHoliday.my - Solution to solve your accommodation problems!

By JeeShen Lee - Apr 28, 2015 (Last Updated May 22, 2019)


By Softinn Solution.

LetsGoHoliday are now available on Google Play Store and Window Store!

"An app that helps to locate the nearest vacation rentals around you based on your current location!"

LetsGoHoliday provides accuracy as it helps you to search hotels and homestays based on your current location. Let’s imagine when there’s a traveler came into a new city, and he do not have any idea where to go and where he can get a nice place to stay. This is the moment where LetsGoHoliday can assist him by providing him a list of homestays and hotels located around him based on his current location. The location of the homestays and hotels will show up on the map and he can review everything that listed. We do not provide a list of homestays and hotels just for review, we provide built-in booking system so travelers can also book online. LetsGoHoliday can solve your accommodation problems just in a few taps. Furthermore, organized informations of homestays and hotels can also be provided by using search engine. You can insert district name in order to search for homestays and hotels around that area. It is very easy to use. In just a few steps which you can refer the picture below, it can solve all your accommodation problems during your trip effectively.

LetsGoHoliday is published on 6th April 2012 and it is free! You are able to download the app from Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store. Of course, it will be available on App Store soon as it is under review. So, why don’t give it a shot to download it? You will find out more what it can do for you.

Please visit LetsGoHoliday.my homepage for more information, including video and screenshots of the app.


The LetsGoHoliday app is developed by Softinn Solutions, a company founded by JeeShen Lee and Ken Lee. Softinn Solutions is a travel startup that based in Malacca, Malaysia, enabling hotel owner to easy manage their bookings and growth their profit. It's a Malaysia software house that focuses its innovation in travel accommodation industry. It also focuses on Travel & Lodging related technology solution.

If you would like further information on LetsGoHoliday, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Name: JeeShen Lee, Founder 

Phone: +6012-904 2869 

Office: +606-253 1592

Mail: [email protected]

Please refer the link below to download LetsGoHoliday:

For Android phone users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=letsgoholiday.my.xamarin.android&hl=en

For Window phone users: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/letsgoholiday-my/a517d99d-8f2b-4865-b163-cdad216faddf

If you found your property is not listed in our Let'sGoHoliday marketplaces, you can proceed with your listings here.

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