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6 Best Boutique Hotels in Penang Island

By [email protected] - Nov 30, 2018 (Last Updated Jun 30, 2023)

Penang is best known as a food paradise and home to the iconic street mural walls. While Penang is not an expensive travel destination, it is also not a cheap one but with good planning, it can very much be affordable. Whether you're a working adult or a student, we all need a break every once in a while.

It almost makes no sense if you save for a few months only to spend it all on a holiday. Yes, memories are worth more than pennies but then again is it really worth all that much?


Penang alongside several other states in Malaysia are those that are historically rich and with its' historical background comes to a diversified culture which is one of the main factors that made Penang's food among the best not just in Malaysia but even so in the world! Somehow, foods in Penang are more than just a delicacy but also in some way a representation of their culture. 

While food can be a very important factor in tourism, there other attractions in Penang too that deserve just as much attention. One of it includes the famous and very much 'Instagram-worthy' street mural along the roads of Georgetown. Apart from that, there also a handful of resorts, theme parks, temples and other interesting attractions available in Penang.

If you're planning a trip to Penang, why not take a look at these few beautiful boutique hotels? Boutique hotels can appear luxurious as well.


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So nothing interests you? It's okay we got more! click on the image below to start viewing various homestays and hotels in Penang! Surely something would meet your requirement. Happy booking!

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