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Best Places to Visit in Jakarta

By Farisya - Oct 30, 2020

Talk about Indonesia, most of us will think of Bali, one of the best tropical paradise in Indonesia where a lot of couples spend their lovey-dovey honeymoon there. But, do you know that Indonesia actually has more than that? 

If you have time to come and visit Indonesia, you may also want to consider coming to Jakarta and spend your time there. Jakarta has its own charms, from the foods, shopping, accommodations, and more. You sure don't want to miss it out.

Here we have listed out Top 8 best places to visit in Jakarta for you to create your sweet memorable there. 

Ancol Dreamland

Image Credit: Viator

If you are travelling with families, or your friends, Ancol Dreamland has to be on the top of your must-go list! Considered as the best theme park in the country by neighbourhood and travellers. It comes with water adventure park, fantasy world, bowling, ocean dream samudra and many more!

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo - Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

If you are nature and wildlife lover, you should never miss out to visit this place. The zoo has a land area of 140-hectare. Some of the animals that you will find here are orangutans, komodo dragons, elephants and many more!

Tanah Abang Market

10 Tips for Shopping at Pasar Tanah Abang -

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Most people named this as most crowded places during the weekend. It has a vast collection of textiles and clothing with so many varieties and options that you can find it here. "Enter during the day, come-out during the night". You will need to better prepare yourself, make sure you have to know how to control your "shopping mode", otherwise you might come out with lesser money T_T. 

Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu)

A Day Trip to Thousand Islands - How to Enjoy Pulau Seribu the Local Way -  What's New Jakarta

Image Credit: WhatsnewIndonesia

Looking for a short break where you can keep yourself away from the hectic and busy lifestyle? Then, Thousand Islands should be the place for you to visit!

Get on the boat, and feel the vibes that you are dreaming for. The farther you go, the cleaner the air will be. 

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Dibuka Kembali, Ada Promo Tiket Masuk Buy One  Get One - Tribun Travel

Image Credit: Tribun Travel

If you are someone who loves to learn and explore the history, the culture, tradition things, this place is suitable for you! Here, you will get to see a number of themes pavilions. With around 250 acres, this park is full of heritage and traditions that make Indonesia stand out. 

If you are looking for a hotel or accommodation to stay while visiting Jakarta, check out the list of Hotel Jakarta above. Spend your holiday and time wisely. Enjoy your trip!

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