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How To Start Your Own Homestay Business

Jul 20, 2016

Successful homestay owners are also successful business owners.

Interested in making more income with your house when you have extra properties? Here are a few guides for you to change your home to a homestay business.

1.    Get permission
If you are renting the place, make sure to inform your landlord that you are going to sublease it and get his/her approval.

2.    Advertise your homestay

Once you have decided to turn your house into a homestay, you will need a reliable online third party to help you market your rooms.

3.    Create your account and profile
The more complete your site, the more trusted customers would want to rent your homestays.

4.    Take some good photos

Pictures plays a crucial role for customers as seeing is believing. Try using this tips. This way customers would want to rent your homestay.

Owning a homestay maybe a great way to make extra income but it also takes many preparations.

5.    Write it out
Write down a clear black and white agreement for your guests. This should include details about the amenities of your homestay. This agreement will be a useful tool if problem arise regarding criminal matters. Ground rules might be different as some owners do not allow pets or only Muslim customers are allowed.

6.    Remove valuable goods
Of course you do not stash away your television, fridge and your plates. This way your customers definitely will not rent your homestay. Just keep away your jewelry and family possessions.

7.    Leave a guide
Inform them who should the call in case of inquiries. Show them which keys unlocked which doors. Also write down things such as Wi-Fi password if available or security password.

8.    Respect Their Privacy
Even if they are staying at your house, you have no rights to be in when they are out and checking on their items. Even better make sure their rooms doors can be lock from inside so that they feel secure when they are sleeping.

If you are interested in making your home into a business and need to publicly advertise it, click here.

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