Promote Your Hotel Business Like a Pro

Get found on TripAdvisor, Google Map & FlipKey like international hotels do

Wonder how international hotels build their brand, increase their online presence and online bookings? They advertise and list their property on online directories and then they sell through branded partners like TripAdvisor. We made this services available also to boutique hotels and small independent hotels now. Signup and list your hotel on - Malaysia free online hotel directory. Here's how we can help grow your hotel business:

  • Broadcast to Branded Marketplaces

    All listed hotels will be automatically posted to TripAdvisor and FlipKey through our partnership with them. You have the option to sell online too, all on commission & success basis.

    Promote Homestay On TripAdvisor And FlipKey
  • Show Up on Google Map

    Map is a big thing for your customers because they search for directions online. 95% of your customers book your place only if they know where exactly is your location and how to get from your place to their travel destinations.

  • Free SEO on Your Hotel

    In Malaysia, we run some highly SEO ranked marketplaces which ranked No.1 for keywords like "Hotel Melaka", "Hotel Penang" etc. Being associate with our marketplaces will increase your credibility and also page rank on Google.

  • Get Found on Mobile App

    Your listing will also be added to our mobile app that is in the Android, iOS and Windows Phone app store. Our app users use the app to locate hotels and homestays based on their GPS location and prefered price range.