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The hotel is built on a high rise building with 6 floors and is strategically located in the middle of Komplek Kailan, Kepala Batas town which is the home state of the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is minutes away from the Bertam exit of the PLUS highway where the Penang Golf resort of Bertam is located. This formerly unknown little town which consists only a stretch of wooden shop houses, is buzzling with development and has since morphed into a spanking new township.

Please include in your itinerary during your next trip to visit and taste the famous Bertam Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) with its heavenly hot and spicy gravy, prepared to perfection. The hotel also has multi-functional rooms ideal for conferences, meetings and other events.

Places of attractions:

 Clean Beach, Bagan

 Vision Park

 Penang Bird Park

 Island Cruise

 Sports Complex

-Additional Charges for breakfast : RM  18.00 (adult), RM 10 .00 (child 6-12 years old)

-RM 50 refundable/ safety/ key deposit will be collected upon check in.

-RM 60.00 ( standard room ) / RM 90.00 (family room ) charge after checkout time (12:00 noon)

-Charges for extra mattress: RM 50/per night

-Room attached with bathroom , towels and toiletries provided.

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  • WiFi Internet
  • Suitable for Events
  • Hot shower
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Lift
  • Astro channel
  • Swimming Pool
  • Air cond (living hall)
  • BBQ equipment
  • Iron
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Airport shuttle
  • Parking included
  • Non-smoking
  • Air cond (bedroom)
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Security box
  • Extra mattress
  • Pet Friendly
  • Cooking facilities
  • Hair dryer
  • Microwave
  • Family gathering


Room Type Rates
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Standard Queen without breakfast Loading... {{ convertToPreferredCurrency(168, 'MYR').CurrencyCode + ' ' + convertToPreferredCurrency(168, 'MYR').Amount }}
Family Room without breakfast Loading... {{ convertToPreferredCurrency(198, 'MYR').CurrencyCode + ' ' + convertToPreferredCurrency(198, 'MYR').Amount }}
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2, Jalan Usahawan 5, Pusat Perniagaan Dato' Kailan, 13200 Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang


Cancellation policy depends on the rate that you choose when you book.

Security Deposit

MYR 50 will be collected during check-in, refundable upon checkout.


Faizal 124, Nov 21, 2023

appreciate with ur staff n Good service big thx n keep it up:)

zalilah ismail, Oct 25, 2023

location of hotel is strategic behind kompleks kailan which is at centre of kepala batas city. nice and quiet. only need to very careful when park at the hotel. the path and slop so narrow and may scratch your car😵

Kor Shuh Xian, May 28, 2023

They served the custom-made vegetable soup with deep fried shallot, most probably with chicken stock soup (most probably not even fit into Indian vegetarian criteria though I didn't see any chicken pieces nor beef pieces nor tasted like cow bone broth soup). Anyway the soup tasted good and palatable, thank God I'm not vegetarian that day since I'm currently not life long strictly vegetarian nor vegan nor fully 100% plant based eater. I would strongly suggest the hotel chef study further some about the different diet and explore more custom-made diet e.g. *pescatarian diet *ovo-vegetarian diet *lacto-vegetarian diet *ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet *Indian vegetarian diet *Ninth month Lunar calendar vegetarian diet (I think 100% they won't dine in this hotel because they have strict protocol to walk on flamed charcoal and usually they dine in places with yellow banner printed with red Chinese Han characters, all cooking equipment has to be solely for the strict religious vegetarian only) *Guan Yin vegetarian diet *whole food plant based diet *vegan diet *Jainism diet *Seventh Day Adventist diet *maybe other vegetarian / plant based diet that I never know about since I have not heard of Anyway, thanks for the courtesy though I'm just ordering no beef and no cow bone broth soup and less spicy vegetable food, definitely not ordering vegetarian food LMAO (yes, I have bad experiences when Malay stall hawker offered me a cow bone broth vegetable soup while I don't eat any product with relations to cow and I asked them 'Vegetable soup, no cow?' they replied me 'Yea, no cow' and then served me weeks of cow bone broth and how did I find out? My Sarawakian college friend tried my soup and since they are Christians they are good to eat anything without any other religion prayers on the food they are good to go and she told me it's cow bone broth but my religion doesn't permit me to take any cow product so I won't know it's cow bone broth; I thought the 'chicken soup' is oddly soury taste most probably due to Malay traditional spices seasoning LOL and then I asked the hawker and then only he admitted 'Yea, it's cow bone broth' . What the heck! 'Isn't cow bone is part of a cow????! If I offer you vegetable soup and I said no pork no pig but I gave pig bone stew soup, will you Muslims consume the soup and consider halal??? No wonder I gotten all these heaty headache for so many days, thanks to your 'no cow soup' =/' Since ever then I never visit the Malay hawker stall ever again. And I do suffer from dyshidrotic eczema and prickly heat rash too, so I'm concern about way too spicy food and heat wave is around plus I could have survive all year long without any flake of chilli LOL)

Nyonya Harun, Mar 04, 2023

The hotel is near so many facilities in Bertam, Penang. Easy to find and the food is amazing. I like the laksa and mee goreng mamak.

Naranjan Singh, Nov 24, 2022

Front desk all the gals friendly and helpful.. Keep it up the service. I well be back soon

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